March 29, 2023

“I am happy with the result”; Bruno Gaga Responds To Criticism After Facelift And Sends A Message To The Haters

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Bruno Gaga left BBB 23 and took the opportunity to do aesthetic procedures

© Playback / Instagram / @brunornogueiraBruno Gaga underwent a facelift

Bruno Gaga He’s out BBB 23 and the popcorn They took advantage of the fame to perform some aesthetic procedures. Among them is the process of pairing the face, which has become the subject of controversy on social networks. Some netizens did not like the result of the operation.

The former BBB interviewed columnist Leo Dias, from the Metropoles portal, and talked about the controversy. gaga He explained that the goal was not to completely change the face and that he liked the result. Bruno said the intention was to enhance what was already beautiful.

Bruno Gaga faced criticism after the match-up (@Reproduction/Instagram/@brunornogueira)

I am happy with my result coordination. the doctor. Danilo [Bravo] He is an amazing professional and did an amazing job, which added to my beautysaid the boy.I didn’t want to do procedures that would completely transform my face, but instead, to bring out the best in it.Exposed.

I try not to let myself be affected by these criticisms, I just want to continue to bring my joy to the world.” compressed. “It was a brave act for it money None of us pay Psychological health And my soul was sad. Seeing that I am not myself, losing myself, sad … I thought that I was not. I hug and joy. When I went blind, I preferred to push the button, and I didn’t want to pass on that image to the publicHe finished.

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