March 26, 2023

“I am in disbelief”; Arthur’s salary in Europe reaches Grêmio and estimates the “shocks” in the world


The information was brought directly from the GZH portal

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/Flickr CBF – Arthur’s salary has become a topic in Grêmio

a Association He has a week to prepare for his first Gre-Nal of the 2023 season. Both teams want to maintain their unbeaten record this season.

Regarding Gauchão’s schedule, the everlasting He still leads the competition with 25 points, grabbed in nine games played so far. In contrast, Team Colorado has 19 points and is second in the state tournament.

One of the main topics related to Tricolor Gaúcho on Monday (27), was about the situation of midfielder Arthur, who is in a dilemma over his future in European football. The player belongs to the Italian club Juventus, and he was loaned to Liverpool. However, he is not in the teams’ plans. His name has been speculated in Grêmio, but he has no chance of negotiation, according to GZH.

If this salary is greatly reduced, is it worth hiring?

If this salary is greatly reduced, is it worth hiring?

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One of the factors that may have influenced Gremio’s decision was due to his very high salary. Many fans were skeptical of the high values ​​\u200b\u200bthe athlete receives, even though he has not played at a high level for quite some time. According to first-hand information, today, Arthur receives an amount of approximately 3 million Brazilian reals.

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