December 8, 2022
"I befriended a production guy"

“I befriended a production guy”


The statements came while participating in the “PodDelas” podcast.

Reproduction / Gshow - Gustavo at BBB 22.
Reproduction / Gshow – Gustavo at BBB 22.

distance BBB 22And the Gustavo Marcingo She continued to gain prominence among netizens, including because of her relationship with Lais Caldas, who he was in a relationship with In the most guarded houses in the country. During last Tuesday (7), the couple participated in podDelas Curitibano ended up making some unexpected discoveries.

So said the businessman, a fan of Palmeiras Received some external information About the FIFA Club World Cup the team played. He revealed that during his detention in the “glass house”, he was informed of the outcome of the semi-final match. According to the program’s rules, prisoners are prohibited from receiving any kind of outside information.

“I really thought we were going to win the world, I felt so. This place [Big Brother] This house is a crazy dream factory, and you have wild dreams. One day I dreamed that they left the door open and I went out and heard a guy from the production say that Palmeiras was the world champion. but not…”He began.

Gustavo continued to tell the story. “Then I went into the greenhouse on Friday and the worlds on Saturday. In fact, until the semi-finals, I didn’t even watch it without it. I’ll admit here, inside, I became friends with a guy from the production and said, ‘Palmeras won the semi-finals.’” do not tell any one “He said while laughing. Upon hearing the story, Lies cut off her companion and corrected her. “No! He heard it on the streetShe said.