February 6, 2023
"I can't see us go to lunch together."

“I can’t see us go to lunch together.”

BBB 22

The last one to be excluded from BBB 22, Slovenia, spoke more about the relationships she intends to lead to the end of the program

Slovenia was the last to be eliminated from the BBB 22
© Reproduction / InstagramSlovenia was the last to be eliminated from the BBB 22

Slovenia It was the last file removed from BBB 22 And he succeeded in his statements outside the home of the most watched in Brazil. Once he left the studios, style Went to chat with Rafa Kaliman in which she is shocked to discover her level of disapproval and to realize her cold fame. Recently, the creator gave an interview to Gshow and talked more about the reality relationships she intends to maintain after the show.

in answer, Slovenia You mentioned that inside all the participants they can’t see a friendship between her and Natalia. “I guess we wouldn’t have much social contact, I might as well be surprised. But she’s one of those people who, on the outside, I can’t see us going out to lunch together…”, said Relationship with Lucas Bisoli.

When asked about friendship with roommates suckerThe young woman ensured that the relationship was honest and not a strategy game. “Peace be upon you, Mary. This is the ‘protection net’. People only talked about it inside. But it ended up that way naturally, because everyone loves each other and everyone wants to protect themselves,” he said.

to make it better, Slovenia He emphasized that gossip was the main component of bringing them closer together. It was a group of chatter. I think that’s the reason for the closeness, because we were so gossip in one place. But it was constructive gossip, legal gossip, that brought us together. So it was really cool.”