June 7, 2023
"I cried a lot": Giovanna Lancelotti reveals after undergoing surgery

“I cried a lot”: Giovanna Lancelotti reveals after undergoing surgery

Salvador, May 6, 2022, by Ana Paula – The bomb of that time is about the most expensive Giovanna Lancelotti, Who opened her heart and talked about the emergency surgery she had to undergo. Tell the cat the details and leave the crowd worried. See more here at Prime Minister’s Notes.

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Giovanna Lancelotti opened the game and talked about the emergency surgical procedure. The cat also talked about how shaken she was from the situation and opened her heart to her followers, saying that the injury occurred while she was traveling abroad.

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Surgery by Giovanna Lancelotti

Giovanna Lancelotti – Instagram

According to the actress, she learned about the surgery shortly after, when she was injured. However, he had to wait for the carnival period to be able to do the procedure to correct the thumb ligament. Soon, Giovanna Lancelotti He told followers he chose not to share the news and revealed how difficult it is to share bad things. The actress was injured while skiing in April.

Giovanna Lancelotti also told how sad she felt about the situation. “This doesn’t mean I’m made of iron and I don’t suffer when bad things happen. I cried a lot, I felt bad about having this surgery. There was a bit of irresponsibility on my part.. “

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Actress talking about voter registration

after advertising, Giovanna Lancellotti still cares about the voter registration and education of youth. The cat took advantage of the moment of interaction and said:

The thing about my bonding was bad luck, as a result of the breakage which I didn’t take care of from the start, so I probably didn’t need to go through that.” Lancelotti fired.

Then the actress continued to reassure the fans and said that everything was fine. He also insisted on asking for positivity and awareness by talking about the elections.

But let’s be aware, too. There is no point in just believing in energy and doing nothing about it.Giovanna Lancelotti was fired.

In the networks, the cat is just love and has shared some moments with her family and boyfriend Gabriel.

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