December 9, 2022
"I don't have money to pay"

“I don’t have money to pay”


The Muhsin affirmed his desire to leave the conflict and asked the Allies to help release them into the countryside

Farm 14: The Pawn reveals the reason for not asking to leave.  Photo: PlayPlus Play.
Farm 14: The Pawn reveals the reason for not asking to leave. Photo: PlayPlus Play.

Apparently, the desire of some confined to leave the fray for 1.5 million reais from A Fazenda 14 (Record TV) was not just a passing sensation. After actor Tomas Costa revealed his desire to leave rural reality, Pele Melfloz also expressed his feelings for the show and He said he didn’t want to stay in jail anymore. This Wednesday (19), he said again that he wanted to leave.

Only this time it was more serious. The rapper renewed his desire to leave the house and revealed the reason why he is still convinced by reality. During a conversation with Babi and Xi’an, the singer, Tomaz has already done with his alliesHe expressed his desire to go to the countryside. I suggested that in the next Hot Seat formation, allies would allow him to remain in the Resta One dynamic.

“Oh, you guys, I wanted to sleep and wake up in the countryside. I think I’m in an evil nightmare. Guys, here’s the thing, let’s make a plan here now”warned. “You will talk nonsense”Cheyenne said. Singer’s response: “No, I won’t. Next week, no matter what happens, is there any way you guys won’t save me one last time, so I can go to the country?”He wanted to know. “Oh no no”Papi and Shay answered him.

“Guys, this is my decision. I can’t ring the bell to leave because I don’t have the money to pay [a multa]. I want to go, because if I do, I’ll take the test [do fazendeiro] with desire. I don’t want to stay here another week no”Asked. “Calm down, let’s think today. Let’s go one day after another?”contemplate babi. “You guys, you don’t like me? You should think about each other’s happiness, right?”said the singer.