February 20, 2024

“I don’t like it” · TV News

Candida, Susana Vieira’s character, has her days numbered in Terra e Paixão. The character would die in the following seasons of the series, but the actress wasn’t happy with that. Susana admitted that she did not like to leave the plot and Sir Carrasco.

“I already miss you terribly! Those were days so thick, tense, and complicated because of the drama and the subtle, thematic script. I miss the clothes, the accent, the whole technical team, and the direction. I also miss the little red lipstick, the little silver hair.” To be honest, I didn’t like death at all.She said in an interview with the newspaper Extra.

in Scenes scheduled to be shown in the season of Wednesday (31). In Globo’s 9 am series, Cândida will be already in poor health and will call Antônio (Tony Ramos) for a farewell visit.

She will start by talking to him about Agatha (Bianca Bean), her friend, the first wife of the rich man and the mother of Caio (Kawa Remon), who died in childbirth. But, before he can reveal to the villain the secret he kept from Agatha, Candida will begin to cough a lot and she will die.

Susana also revealed, in an interview with É de Casa on Saturday (27), that she didn’t get into the character at all and that, personally, she hates one element of her appearance. “This time I gave in, they did whatever they wanted with me. Including putting on lipstick, which I hate,” he said.

The 80-year-old actress also commented on being called the TV diva. “I never wanted to be a singer. I thought it was something out of reach, out of reach, more for older people. Nobody calls a 20-year-old a singer. It takes a singer a long time to get over it.” Susana Vieira is 30 years old, she is hot and loves sexLife loves wearing split mini skirts. But respect [na questão de ser considerada diva]He said in a statement to Maria Beltrao.

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