March 29, 2023

“I hit with Lucas Lima, the goal is now +1”; Santos wants to “snatch” the midfielder from the hands of Corinthians


With an eye on more alternatives, Timão may end up leaving the board after Peixe’s interest

Picture: Abner Dorado/AGIF – In addition to Lucas Lima, Santos want another midfielder and could get in the way of Corinthians.

Even with competitions in full swing, the ball market is still on the rise, although many teams have already moved off the accelerator, especially those that have already managed to achieve satisfactory results. The competition remains very fierce, even more so when you include the highlights of 2023 in Brazil.

To be successful in negotiations, you must be quick, sign a contract, and confirm your arrival as soon as possible. regardless of the state, Countless bets appear, so the big companies are already spying and many are preparing offersspecifically designed to “hat” on opponents, to achieve a perfect return on the field at a low cost.

In case CorinthiansThere will be two players in sight, one close, while the other was far away: Cristian Barletta, from São Bernardo, seems to have advanced negotiations to arrive after the end of Paulistão and sign a 3-year contract, to be able to play the role that Adson currently occupies.

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF – There’s a dispute about the Gringo do Guarani in the market.

On the other side, Richard Riosfrom Guarani, made more difficult: Santos decided to make an offer for a player who was prominent in the Campeonato Paulista. The former Flamengo player is distinguished by his dynamism and ball-handling technique, so much so that, in addition to the duo from Sao Paulo, he has sparked interest from Internacional de Porto Alegre.

Should Corinthians try harder for Richard Rios?

Should Corinthians try harder for Richard Rios?

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According to information from the Futebol internal newspaper, Bugre asks for about R$15 million for the Colombian’s immediate release. In this way, knowing that he has the ability to pay this amount, Peixe immediately prepares an attack in order to defeat Timão’s troublesome plans and too much competition.