May 30, 2023
“I know this is going to happen…;”  Arão's debut made comments from Fenerbahçe fans "shoot up" and the situation reaches Flamengo fans

“I know this is going to happen…;” Arão’s debut made comments from Fenerbahçe fans “shoot up” and the situation reaches Flamengo fans


Flamengo Lantern faces Brazil on Wednesday (20), at 20:30, at the National Stadium in Brasilia.

"I know this will happen...;" Aaron's debut made Fenerbahce fans
© Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF“I know this is going to happen…;” Aaron’s debut made Fenerbahce fans “shoot” on the comments

a flamingo in seventh place in Brazilian Championship With 24 points comes from three wins and two defeats in the last five games played. The team from Rio de Janeiro is nine points behind the leader. Palm treessix out of first place in landing zone from competition. With the transfer window open, the board has been looking for good names in the market and is also suffering from losses in the team.

What is the condition of William Arauwho has already appeared in a shirt FenerbahceGive turkeyAnd he received a lot of praise from the new club’s fans. The midfielder presented safely, and because of that, he must become the absolute starting player and one of the coach’s trusted men. Jorge Jesus.

In the social networksYou are Turkish fans soared on the performance Aaron in the first show. “I think William Arau was very good considering it was his first match”And the Fan highlighted. “Only the perfect Willian Arau…”And the shouted another. “Playing with Jorge Jesus would benefit him. The change of atmosphere was good for everyone”And the confirmed.

else fan He also highlighted that the defender surprised many with performance view. “Willian Arau gave the message to people who were observed watching two YouTube videos, and I think he played perfectly even in his first game for the team, we got a very important player.”

During the new team introduction conference, Aaron I talked about working with J He highlighted that he is used to playing under pressure. “I know Jorge Jesus very well, he likes to focus the players all the time. There is no doubt that we are the best team in Turkey, and I am used to playing under pressure. In my old team there was a lot of pressure, and we loved responding to our fans.”