February 2, 2023
I need money?  Learn how to receive R$3,000 in the account now

I need money? Learn how to receive R$3,000 in the account now

If you need money to invest or buy something, learn who can and how to get R$3,000.

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The popular proverb says that money It doesn’t bring everything, and it’s true in some parts. However, the reality is different and much more difficult for those who need some money to sustain themselves or invest in projects that will give good returns.

To secure some money, people resort to all kinds of options. In fact, some alternatives warrant more attention than others, either because of ease or certainty. Those who need money usually choose the most diverse lines from creditLike the lend Awarded by Caixa Economica Federal🇧🇷

Up to R$3,000: find out who can get it

a lend Granted by Caixa is a type of small loan, due to the amount that is issued for each year. In the case of individuals who perform some kind of productive activity or provide services, an amount of up to R$1,000 may be requested.

Meanwhile, MEIs can receive up to R$3,000. However, the money must be invested in the acquisition of inputs, tools, equipment or applications that help the business to grow.

However, before obtaining the loan, it is recommended that the MEI organize itself and ensure that it is able to repay by the due date. Seu Crédito Digital has an article explaining what can happen to those who don’t settle credit installments (click over here🇧🇷

How to apply for the loan

First of all, it is important to stress that, unlike individuals who want to obtain the loan, MEI institutions need to carry out the procedure in person at a Caixa branch.

As mentioned above, this group can borrow up to R$3,000, with an interest rate starting at 1.99% per month and a repayment period of up to 24 months. To apply for the loan it is necessary to have 12 months of bills with CNPJ and also:

  • Less than R$3,000 bank debt as of January 31 of this year;
  • The annual revenue is less than R$81,000.

Photo: rafastockbr / shutterstock.com