October 3, 2023
"I spoke to FIFA!"  ;  Mauro Naves tells Neymar's coach about putting a pile in Palmeiras for Andrerick to play in the World Cup

“I spoke to FIFA!” ; Mauro Naves tells Neymar’s coach about putting a pile in Palmeiras for Andrerick to play in the World Cup

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The player is only 15 years old, but he is able to go to the World Cup as long as he is on the tournament entry list

Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras
Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

After contracting with Rafael Navarro for the sector, Palmeiras is looking for another striker to qualify coach Abel Ferreira’s squad. After unsuccessful negotiations with Tati Castellanos, Augustin Alvarez and Caio Jorge, Leila Pereira has a new target: Lucas Alario.

Verdau, through Anderson Barros, will try to sign the Argentine striker, who currently plays for Bayern Leverkusen. Alario is worth 8 million euros and the coaching staff sees him as the perfect player to continue the season. Meanwhile, the Portuguese commander sees a new phenomenon emerging at the base: Indrik. The 15-year-old striker is the highlight of the Copa del Rey São Paulo de Futebol Junior and many fans are asking for the youngster to join the professional team.

However, because Indrik is only 15 years old, he cannot sign a professional contract. This will only happen from July, when the striker turns 16. However, Wagner Ribeiro, Neymar’s manager, was already working on taking the youngster to the Club World Cup with Alverde’s delegation. According to Mauro Naves, the representative said he is in contact with FIFA to allow the athlete to register for the competition. “Wagner Ribeiro, who has been with boy Endrick for two years, spoke to FIFA who wants to take the kid to the World Cup, so he can live and play”, The reporter said.

According to the portal Law in the fieldEndrick will be able to play Worlds for as long as he is on the final roster, which Alviverde will submit on January 24th. In the national championships that Verdau opposes, the striker cannot be listed until he is 16 years old. So it is possible that the young striker will have chances in the second round of the national championship.

This means that the final reach of the 9 will determine whether Sensation Andreik sets off for Abu Dhabi with the Alviverde delegation. For now, the defending champions for America are likely to come into contention with Rooney, Deverson and Navarro battling for a place in attack.