March 26, 2023

“I thought he would react”; Viih Tube remembers teenage abuse and reinforces the importance of reporting the act

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Viih Tube was the latest guest on the Podsempre podcast and recalled teenage trauma

© Playback / Instagram / @viihtubeViih Tube recalled the trauma of adolescence

On this International Women’s Day, Viih tube He chooses to open his heart and reveal a traumatic episode from his childhood. It turns out that little Lua’s mother was the victim of sexual abuse in her teens and it took the young woman some time to realize it was violence.

The crime was committed by someone the YouTuber is associated with. In a recent podcast interview budaloisThe blonde spoke a bit more about the moment and said what she did to deal with it. “I realized I wasn’t wrong, because when I told my mother, her reaction was to say I was right. But my mother speaks, we think it’s the lioness side, the side that wants to defend. So, even my mother saying all this, it wasn’t enough for me to I think I was not wrong What was enough, in addition to therapy, was another friend of mine when I told him the story, he began to open my head, I talk if the situation is with him and I thought he would reacthe announced.

Viih Tube pregnant with a little moon (instagram/@viihtube)

In the report, he explains the importance of denouncing the act. “I stress in my book that yes, it is necessary denunciation. At that moment, I didn’t have that strength and when I wanted to, I thought it was too late. And it’s not too late. It will never be too late. You can report anytime you want.” Influencer beware.


in it the tube He took the opportunity to recall his first cancellation, when he recorded a video confusing Romero Britto with Pablo Picasso. I went to school and just discovered panic disorder and it was even worse. It was something that could be small and today I will laugh a lot, but it was huge at the time. I was about 14-15 years old, and then when I got to school it was so ironic that my English teacher asked me a question on the test about Romero Britto and Picasso. She had never read the test before the class started. On this day, she read the entire test just to highlight this question. I was dying of embarrassment and wanted to cry.”