August 11, 2022
"I want to get away" · TV news

“I want to get away” · TV news

In the early hours of Wednesday (2), Natalia Deodato He showed that he was angry with Giselan Alves. The model again complained about the differences in her relationship with the teacher in BBB 22. “My wish is to get away [dela]’,” the sister announced in a conversation with Lucas Bisoli.

after Elimination of Larissa TomasiaThe nail designer met the medical student outside and explained that Ally Games mentioned that people are trying to limit their emotions inside confinement.

“I get impatient for these little things. I love her so much, I think she’s a great person. I’m with her. But then because of some silly things, instead of relaxing. I want to get away from him.” Took the date of Eliezer Netto.

There are times when I think: ‘You know what? I don’t stay here, no. I’d better run away,” Natti continued in another part of the conversation.

Before venting about the relationship with Slovenia Marquez, the model had already shown her anger at the teacher. In the bedroom, the two of them sparkled in their prime moment after that Jesse Make sure no grunge residence participant is suggested to target Eslô, Jade Picon and Eliezer during polling.

“In my view, every time you choose to vote for someone, it’s always one option. I think everyone has priorities. I, Giseilan, have Eli, Eslô and Jade as voting options for the other room and I’ve never had these people listed to vote here, Jesse commented.

Then Nati disagreed with her ally: “Yes, they were, but you were not involved in the conversations from the beginning. You can never prepare to talk and think about understanding the strategy.”

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