June 28, 2022
"I want to go away" · TV news

“I want to go away” · TV news

Jose (Giuliano Laham)’s life will be turned upside down in the final chapters of origin. The son of Israel (Petronio Gontigo) will leave prison to become the governor-general of Egypt. He will marry Asenate (Letícia Almeida) and will have to give up the company of Abumani (Dudu de Oliveira). “I want to leave. Forever,” cuxita will declare in the biblical account.

Hebrew will return to existence The only person who deciphered Chichi’s nightmare (Fernando Bavao). Every night, Pharaoh dreams of seven fat cows being swallowed by seven lean cows, indicating that Egypt will go through a long drought.

The king would then entrust the young man with the task of building silos to store grain and water for the great drought, and appointing him governor general. He will get the name Zafenate-Paneia and above it, The hand of one of the most beautiful women of the harem: Asnat.

Despite the turbulent wedding nightYoussef will appear happy in his marriage Backstage, which will be shown next Monday (23).. The only person capable of driving madness is Apomani, by revealing his desire to return to his homeland.

“That story again? I already told you you can go. Go, pick the wife you want and come back. I don’t know what you’re waiting for,” he would cheer The role of the protagonist Giuliano Lahham.

Abumani (Dodo de Oliveira) before he set foot in Egypt

Abumani back home

Abumani will explain that he not only wants to pay a visit, but he wants to start his life from where Essaad (Ricardo Dantas) stole him to become a slave. “You’re not serious. What a stupid joke. Let’s go before I lose my temper,” he’ll complain Joseph.

“I’m serious,” you’ll insist Dudu de Oliveira character. “No, it’s not. Because the best friend I know would never ask me to do that. So, stop talking nonsense,” brother will return Judah (Tiago Rodriguez).

The Israelite, however, will go into turmoil when he discovers that the warrior will not deceive In the soap operas of Camilo Pellegrini, Stephanie Ribeiro and Raffaella Castro:

You can not! We have a lot to do here. The famine years are about to begin. Even because Cush is no longer his land, just as Canaan is no longer my land. Now our land is here. Don’t you understand that you can’t go back?

Jose and Abumani in the middle of the desert

Jose refuses to release Abumani

Abumani will remember the deal the two made in the middle of the desert, on the brink of death, before them I was saved by divine mercy:

We’ll stay here as long as necessary, but we’ll find a way back to our place. Staying here is God’s plan for you, not me. I need to continue my life. You are the ruler of all Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. You can give me my freedom.

With tears in his eyes, Joseph will refuse to release him. “You’re not going! From now on, you are forbidden to go anywhere but the palace for work, do you understand?” , the Israeli will shout. “And you say that as a friend of mine?”

“Like Seffat Banya. As the highest authority in Egypt, the right-hand man of Pharaoh. You are not going anywhere,” a descendant lbrahim (Zecarlos Machado).

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