December 3, 2023
"I was jealous" · TV news

“I was jealous” · TV news

Joda (Thiago Rodriguez) will make his biggest mistake and tell Benjamin (Marcos Besa) why everyone lied about Jose (Juliano Lam)’s death in the past. origin. Hebrew will reveal that the young man has already been sold to a slave trader. “We were jealous of him,” we will get to know the Israelite in the biblical Record book.

Tamar’s husband (Juliana Xavier) will open the match with the youngest of Israel (Petronio Juntigo). On this Thursday (18). until that time, Joseph will tell the brothers Who survived Desert Storm and became ruler of Egypt.

On the way back to Canaan, the rest of the Israelites will fear how they will tell the truth to the patriarch. Benjamin will be angry at the manipulation of relatives. He’s the only one who doesn’t know that Joseph is not dead.

“What was this Jose said when we met? That you sold it to Egypt.. What is this story?” , he will wonder who Marcus Bessa is.

The men will be in shock, and Simeão (Igor Cotrim) will try to overcome the situation: “You will know when we reach Canaan,” he will answer. But the young man will refuse to listen to his brother the executioner. During the group’s protest, Robin will answer, “That’s exactly what I heard. We sold Jose as a slave to a merchant,” the older man will explain, not allowing.

Benjamin shock

The boy will ask with tearful eyes what caused the brothers to commit such atrocities. “Because we were jealous of him,” explains Judas. “His father loved him more than we did.”

“How were you capable of such a thing?” Raquel’s son (Giselle Tigre), opposed, nervous. Simon will also intervene: “But it is true! His father loved Joseph more than we do,” the indignant man will recall.

afraid of Israel, The brothers will exchange barbs among themselves about who bears responsibility for the tragedy with Joseph and they have to tell the truth to the patriarch. Judas, however, will close the discussion with a decision.

“Enough! Everyone here is guilty. All of us. It’s time to assume what we’ve done. I’ll tell the father everything myself,” the character will be taken by Thiago Rodriguez.

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