October 3, 2023
"I was scared during the flight," Mayara says after the accident.

“I was scared during the flight,” Mayara says after the accident.

The duo Maiara and Maraisa live on Instagram to talk about the emergency landing

The duo Maiara and Maraisa live on Instagram to talk about the emergency landing

Photo: Instagram / @maiara / Estadão

relaxed atmosphere, Mayara and Marisa He made a live feed on Instagram to talk about Mayara plane accident This Tuesday, 4. The plane that transported the singer from Navegantes to São Paulo had to make an emergency landing at Hercilio Luz International Airport, in Florianópolis.

According to Infraero, a bird hit the turbine and caused a relapse. All passengers on flight LA3275 from LATAM were removed from the flight, and there were no injuries. The airline, in a note, explained that the event, called a “bird strike”, causes the aircraft to have to land – a common procedure.

On social media, Mayara explained what happened: “I would like to thank you all for your concern. I was terrified on the flight. We went at night on a flight from Navegantes to Sao Paulo and then the turbine flew in, but we landed in Floripa, thank God, everything worked out ” .

Watch the video:

On the other hand, the singer’s sister said: “Guys, I’ll tell you, 2022 has already started with great feelings. Mayara has really started to scare us.”

Marisa also said that she checked her sister’s social networks to find out more about her. “I was chasing Mayara too…the news came out and I’m ‘buggy’.” Then I went to look for Mayara in the stories and published a crossover. I just posted kuru! All over Brazil looking for a girl and a girl. Cross,” enjoy.

Mayara and Marisa performed in Baritos, in the interior of São Paulo, at Hospital do Amor, Wednesday night, 6. “Now let’s get to work, let’s help Barrettos Cancer Hospital and make a special show. And 2022 starts. Everything, let’s go up “, concludes Mayara.