March 26, 2023

“I was very upset”; Rodrigo Hilbert denies the “perfect husband” fame and praises his wife, Fernanda Lima

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Rodrigo Hilbert was known for his beauty and household chores

© Playback / Instagram / @rodrigohilbertRodrigo Hilbert is married to TV presenter Fernanda Lima

Rodrigo Hilbert He is one of the most loved people in Brazil and the proof of that is that the presenter receives praise for everything he does. Husband Fernanda Lima He was known for his beauty and for performing functions considered unusual by housewives, such as sharing household chores, for example.

Everyman’s duties are admired when Rodrigo does them, but the caller personal pronoun to the problem in question and I have already made it clear that it is far from ideal”man excellentIn a recent interview with O Globo newspaper, the YouTuber talked about public perceptions of him.

Rodrigo Hilbert Denies Perfect Husband Fame.

At the time, I was so upset when people called me a “fucking homão”. And I said, “No, she’s a fucking woman.” Who is my wife, my mother, my grandmother. It’s the women who get up at 3 in the morning to have more than one bus To go to work and come home at ten o’clock at night to cook for the whole familyRodrigo said.

What I do is nothing more than my job in sharing household chores with those who live with me. I take care of the kitchen stowage, and Fernanda takes care of other things. She carries all the mental load into the house. And we played our lives together, and it continues today‘ announced the presenter.

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