January 31, 2023
IAEA report says situation in Zaporizhia is 'unsustainable'

IAEA report says situation in Zaporizhia is ‘unsustainable’

Photo: Ralf1969 / Wikipedia

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Tuesday (6) that the situation at the Ukrainian nuclear reactor in Zaporizhzhya is satisfactory Unsustainable. In a report released after inspectors visited the nuclear plant, the agency advocated the immediate implementation of a safe zone around the plant.

in the document, The International Atomic Energy Agency said that a nuclear accident at the plantoccupied by the Russians and shot by both sides of the conflict, It could have serious effects inside and outside Ukraine.

A nuclear accident can have serious implications both within the country and beyond its borders.The international community is counting on the International Atomic Energy Agency to make an accurate assessment of the situation and to inform it accurately and quickly.”said the text.

The inspectors also revealed the damage to External power supply systemin spent fuel installations, as well as in communication cables that are part of the radiation control system “.

In the report, the International Atomic Energy Agency called for the immediate establishment of a safety zone around the nuclear plant.

Until the end of the conflict and the return of stable conditions, There is an urgent need to take temporary measures to prevent a nuclear accident Due to material damage caused by military means […] This can be achieved through the immediate establishment of a nuclear safety zone. The IAEA is ready to start consultations immediately for the urgent establishment of this safe zone.”

since march, When the Russian army occupied ZaporizhiaMoscow and Kiev trade accusations over the attacks on the nuclear power plant. The Ukrainians accuse the occupying forces of using the site as a fortress. The Russians, for their part, deny the accusations and claim that the damage to the plant structures was caused by the Ukrainians themselves.

On Saturday (3), the station was disconnected after new bombings in the area. prewar, The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant supplied about 20% of the electricity consumed in Ukraine.

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