June 3, 2023

Ibovespa futures, dollar and corporate news

Updated at 9:59 am

ibovespa future

Ibovespa futures (INDM23 – contract ending June 14, 2023) opened higher this Friday, the 26th. At 9:59 am, they were up 1.47%, at 112.275 points.

Although considered an indicator of how the market will behave, this indicator does not always predict the information that will determine the 10:00 am trading session.

At 9:58 am, the business dollar was down 0.54% at R$5.009 in the short.

Company news:

Banco do Brasil (BBAS3) announces the payment of interest on principal. Read the details:

Banco do Brasil (BBAS3) reported on Friday, 26, that it has agreed to distribute R$966,378,000.00 as an early bonus to shareholders in the form of Interest on Private Equity (JCP), in connection with the second quarter of 2023.

The JCP value per share is 0.33863133949.

JCP will be paid on 06/30/2023 and will be based on contribution status on 06/12/2023, with stock transfers from 06/13/2023 that executed “ex” JCP.

SKS Airways has selected the Embraer E195-E2 (EMBR3) to drive growth in Malaysia

SKS Airways has selected the Embraer E195-E2 (EMBR3) to fuel its growth plans in the Asia Pacific region.

The agreement for ten E195-E2 aircraft between Malaysia Airlines and leasing company Azorra was announced on Thursday the 25th, at a ceremony held at the Langkawi International Aeronautics and Aerospace Exhibition.

The E195-E2 will be the main vehicle for SKS Airways’ expansion plans and will be based at Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur from 2024.

The E195-E2 has a range of 2,600 nautical miles, which equates to about seven hours of flight time. The aircraft will have a 136-seat configuration.

SKS Airways will be the first operator of the E195-E2 in Southeast Asia, increasing the presence of Embraer aircraft in the region. Currently, about 200 E-Jets are

In service in the Asia Pacific region.

In February 2023, the Malaysian government announced the Subang Airport Revitalization Plan (SARP), which is expected to transform it into a major airport and regional aviation hub.

Equatorial (EQTL3) is paid on a 6/9 dividend payment approved in April

Equatorial Energia (EQTL3) reported on Thursday night, 25th, that in continuation to the shareholder notification issued last April 28th, the dividend declared at the meeting, in the amount of R$385,155,874.25, will be paid in June. 9, 2023.

Shareholders who own shares issued by the company on April 28, 2023 are entitled to receive the said dividends.

The share price is R$0.35.

Equatorial Energia also clarified that within the scope of the ongoing private capital raising process, the shareholders who have the right to subscribe, whose pre-emption period expires on June 1, 2023, and who were the holders of the issued shares of the Company upon discontinuation. The date, April 28, 2023, will be able to capitalize the dividends that the company will pay to pay off the new subscribed shares.

Vulcabras (VULC3) changes the total amount of the interim dividend

Vulcabras (VULC3) reported Thursday night, 25th, that the total amount to be paid as interim dividend has been revised from R$36,796,830.00 to R$36,785,415.00.

These earnings were announced in a notice to shareholders issued on May 2.

The company stated that the value of one share was maintained at 0.15 Brazilian reals (fifteen cents).

There has been a change in the number of shares of the Company outstanding as a result of the share buyback program approved by the Board of Directors on May 3, 2022.

Padtec is terminating its market maker contract with BTG

Padtec (PDTC3) has terminated its Market Maker Services Agreement with BTG Pactual Corretora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários.

The information is contained in a statement sent to the market on Thursday night the 25th.

Accordingly, the activities of a market maker for its common stock, trading symbol PDTC3, within the scope of B3, will end on May 26, 2023.

“The Company believes that discontinuation of the market maker contract, based on the trading history of PDTC3 common shares in B3, will not interfere with the liquidity of these securities,” Padtec said.

CVC (CVCB3) announces Carlos Wallenweber as its new Chief Financial Officer and Director of Investor Relations

The CVC Board of Directors (CVCB3) elected Carlos Wallenweber to the position of Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations, effective May 29, 2023.

The information was released on Thursday night 25.

The mandate continues until the first meeting to be held by the Board of Directors after the general meeting discussing the financial statements for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2023.

Since 2020, Carlos Wollenweber has held the position of Chief Financial Officer at Even (EVEN3), and later at its MelnickEven subsidiary.

During his tenure at Even, he led the initial public offering of investee company MelnickEven, restructuring the company’s debt, as well as crisis management at the start of the pandemic.

He also held the position of director of one of the companies invested by Pátria Investimentos.

The CEO has a proven track record in finance. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from PUC/SP and a Masters in Accounting and Finance from the same institution. He also holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He began his career at Accenture, working on strategic projects for large multinational clients.

He has also worked for Gafisa, Grupo GPS, BR Properties, Direcional and Even Engenharia. With the new director taking over, Elean Silvera Lapa will no longer hold the position of Director of Investor Relations, and will remain the exclusive Director of Corporate Governance and Compliance for CVC Corp.

Petrobras makes an appeal to Ibama in the licensing process in Amapá

On Thursday, the 25th, Petrobras submitted an application to the Ibama Company to reconsider its decision to deny the environmental license to drill a well in the FZA-M-059 block, located on the high seas, 175 kilometers off the coast of Amapa. And 560 km from the mouth of the Amazon River.

The goal is to check for oil in deep waters at a depth of about 3,000 metres. According to the state-owned company, the mapping (image of the bottom surface) at the site where it will be drilled confirmed that there is no sensitive area within a radius of 500 meters from the well site.

It is a temporary, low-risk activity that lasts approximately five months. Only after this well has been drilled will the potential of the block and the presence of any oil deposits be confirmed. As stipulated in the MMA rules (Order No. 422/2011), effective production of oil and gas in the region will continue to depend on new environmental licensing procedures that will include the preparation of more detailed environmental studies and projects,” he explained.

Even after all the foreseen technical and legal requirements for this phase have been met, as well as the additional requirements from Ibama for the project, Petrobras said it has submitted, in its reconsideration request, the expansion of the animal fixation base in the municipality of Oiapoque, in the state of Amapá.

The unit will work in conjunction with the Animal Rehabilitation and Reduction Center (CRD), already built by Petrobras in Belém (PA). That way, in the remote possibility of an accident with a spill, assistance can be provided to animals at both sites within the deadlines required by the Environment Agency, the oil company said.

The emergency response structure provided by Petrobras in this project is the largest that the company has scaled in the country, even larger than those in the Campos and Santos basins.

“This process has been conducted with the utmost care by Petrobras’ environmental and sustainability teams, which have been working since receiving the concession from the National Ports Agency to carry out all phases of the exploration program for the federal concession for FZA-M-59 area,” said Petrobras President, Jean-Paul Pratis.

Petrobras confirmed, in a letter it sent to Ibama with the appeal, that it understands the institute’s current situation, as the recent change in its management requires the authority to review its operations and introduce new requirements to meet the priorities set by the federal government. .

In this line, in a collaborative manner, the company provides all the necessary information to prove that its plans presented in the environmental license are sufficient to mitigate the risks of drilling and to act in the event of an environmental incident far away.

Therefore, by requesting reconsideration, Petrobras is requesting a position from Ibama regarding the improvements made by the company and, with validation, hopes that a date will be set for a pre-operational assessment – APO (emergency loco simulation), to demonstrate its ability in the field to Responding to an emergency situation that may occur in exploration drilling activity,” the oil company reported.

Petrobras confirmed that it remains committed to developing Tropical Margin, Brazil’s new energy frontier, which includes five high seas basins, between Amapá and Rio Grande do Norte.

“In this sense, the company is making every effort to obtain this drilling license in the area FZA-M-059, as it is committed to working safely, with full respect and care for the environment and the residents of the area,” he said. .

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