July 20, 2024

iCloud+ is now available; Find out about news and changes – MacMagazine

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Craig apresentando o iCloud+
Craig apresentando o iCloud+

After months of waiting, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are already among us – And with them, the iCloud +, which can be considered the “new look” of Apple’s paid cloud service plans.

actually We detail here All the news iCloud+ has to offer, like a file Hide my email (Hide my email), a private relay (private relay) and integration with Apple One. You already know, too, that all users who pay for additional iCloud storage will get the automatic “upgrading” to iCloud+ — that is, if you pay BRL 3.50 per month for 50GB on Apple (or any other superior plan), you’re already eligible. To enjoy the news.

It should be noted that not all news of the “new” service actually arrived in good condition. As Apple has already announced, the Private Relay feature It was initially available in beta – It is off by default, but you can turn it on in iPhone/iPad settings. We also remind you that the tool will not be available in countries like China, South Africa, Egypt and Colombia NS Russia.

HomeKit Secure Video Extension

The other good thing about iCloud+ is the feature expansion HomeKit Safe Video (HomeKit Safe Video), which allows you to link security cameras to your account and store and access recordings through the Home app. With a 50GB plan (which didn’t offer this feature previously), you can connect a camera; On a capacity of 200 GB, it is now possible to connect up to five cameras (before, it was only one); Finally, on 2TB, you can use an unlimited number of cameras (there were five previously).

On a related note, it’s also worth noting .’s new design Mail From iCloud on the web – This is available to all service users. In addition to the updated look, iCloud + users can now access features like Hide My Email, custom domains directly from the browser.

50 GB Family Sharing

Until yesterday, to activate Home Sharing on an iCloud plan, you had to rent at least 200 GB of storage, which costs R$10.90 per month. You can now share the cheapest iCloud + plan – only among them 50 GB, which costs R$3.50 per month.

Novelty is no longer that important because 50GB is no longer a lot of space, so sharing it with others will make it useless for most users. However, if you and your family don’t take a lot of photos and you are thrifty with backups/apps/files, you can make these savings from now on.

So, who actually uses the news? Leave your comments and considerations here below!

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