December 3, 2023
Identify items that defy logic in 7 seconds

Identify items that defy logic in 7 seconds

Do you consider yourself a person with good visual perception? To find out the answer to this question, we suggest that you challenge yourself in this game of 5 bugs! It’s simple: you’ll have to find files elements In the picture that doesn’t make sense in context, so it’s horrendous errors. Just remember that you only have seven seconds to do this.

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Take a closer look at the picture

A game of 5 mistakes.

In the photo above, we came across a scene that reproduces a fairly ordinary outing, after all, we have a couple in front of us and two children having fun right in the back. However, it doesn’t take long to analyze the items and realize that there are some things in this illustration that just aren’t out of place!

We try to define all of these situations, i.e. those that clearly escape the logic of what reality should be. People can usually spot one or two hideous errors in a photo right away, but there are five total errors! You must select them all.

To do this, you have to look in each corner of the figure for the element that should be somewhere else or it doesn’t make sense to be there. By adding a time limit, the challenge definitely becomes more engaging and exciting, so be warned, it’s not worth exceeding seven seconds!

Now to go up and try. Good luck and God bless you!

What are the five mistakes?

Don’t worry, if you haven’t found almost anything, because we’ll show you the five details of this image that you should point out. In the illustration below, you will find the following logic errors circled:

  • The tree in the illustration has grapes as a fruit, but grapes grow on trees that are quite different in shape, like vines;
  • This is a walk on the banks of the lake, so that the shark that roams the shore has no meaning, because these animals belong to the sea;
  • Note that one of the children in the illustration is very wrong, after all, one of them has a tail like a monkey!
  • Now watch out for chicken thighs that are being cooked on the stove. they are going French fries In direct contact with the mouth! Not to mention that a device can be found in the middle of a garden…how does it work?
  • Finally, we have the guy who holds a glass of water in his hands, but holds it as if it were a sandwich.

A game of 5 mistakes.