May 31, 2023

If you have an Android phone, you absolutely need to know this

If you have an Android mobile phone, you need to know this news

The need to always have a cell phone on hand ends up making consumers invest in devices with longer battery life. But despite the care, many hours of work, for example, take up all the energy of the device.

Faced with this situation, there are some settings in Android mobile phones that allow users to regulate with large resolution factors that can consume more battery than electronic devices.

The purpose of the energy saving option, as the name implies, is to make the useful life of the load longer. Depending on the model chosen, there are characteristics that may be different. However, the process is identical and the configuration should familiarize your device.

How do you use a low mobile phone battery?

At first, find Settings. Then find the “Battery” or “Device Assistance” tab.
Adjust power saving mode settings and activate your mode. It’s worth noting that you should know what they mean, to make sure you don’t disable functionality useful to your experience.

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A dead battery (Photo: Clone/Woman)
A dead battery (Photo: Clone/Woman)

What can I do to extend my cell phone battery life?

1) Avoid leaving your mobile phone charging for a long time: This type of situation can overburden the battery and reduce its useful life. Therefore, care must be taken to remove the device from the socket when charging.

2) Close unused apps: Some of them consume more battery than others. If you are not using an app, it makes no sense to keep it open.

3) Reduce screen brightness: One of the biggest battery expenditures comes from the screen, so reducing brightness is essential.

4) Activate the power saving mode: the saving mode reduces the performance of the mobile phone. It is good to use it when unpacking the device.

5) Do not let the battery reach 0%: Allowing it to reach 0% may damage the battery and shorten its useful life. Therefore, the ideal is always to keep it above 20%.

6) Avoid charging the device in the car: Even with all the technological advancements, it is still best to avoid charging the device in the car to improve the charging process.

Avoiding battery problems (Photo: Clone/Internet)
Avoiding battery problems (Photo: Clone/Internet)

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