March 31, 2023
If you have any of these habits, stop!  may be toxic

If you have any of these habits, stop! may be toxic

Are you the type to criticize yourself from time to time? Although a lot of people don’t stop to think about it, we are flawed, so continuously We make mistakes. The worst thing is that sometimes these mistakes can have consequences for others. Some we didn’t intend to hurt.

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We may not be okay with ourselves and take that feeling over everyone else. Is this common? Will you be able to tell if you are chubby with the people you love? We are here to help with this problem. Let’s point out six behaviors Harmful. If you recognize any of them as part of your routine, stop immediately.

Excessive criticism of people

Constructive criticism is made when we want to help others develop, but there is also unwarranted criticism where, deep down, the goal is to sting or hurt the person. And if you are constantly criticizing others without caring how they feel, we have to warn you: this is a file behavior toxic;

This will only make people turn away.


This trait can go unnoticed, because it has become almost “common”. The truth is that he acts this way, an individual may only feel that he is a natural leader, but a good leader is part of the team, he listens to ideas and follows the best ones.

A despot enjoys ordering, even if orders aren’t the best. Nobody likes having a boss around.


Who wants to have that kind of people around? If we talk about personal planning, he will say that it will not work. If we explain why things work, it will try to find the error. The course never ends!

Is this your condition? Don’t wait for people to tell you anything else, because everyone knows you won’t react well to good news. It’s almost as if twist against.


The toxic subject believes that everything should be about her, that is, everything revolves around her. When something goes wrong, it’s because someone set it up. This creates crying and temper tantrums scenarios that gradually require the patience of those around you. Well, until no one else wants to stay there to deal with it.


If the world is not what a person wants it to be, it will remain. as such? With a little lie here, another little lie there. And so it will continue until the inaccuracies are preserved in the narrative you created.

This obviously generates frustration and causes harm to people and sometimes even reputation eventually destroyed.


And I’m still talking about lies, stay tuned as the toxins go to treat Everyone anyway so that, in the end, all that matters is about him. In other words? He will win, he will perform well, he will be promoted for the month, etc. All this passes on to the people who will end up hurt by this whirlpool of falsehood.