February 5, 2023

If you have dues, you need to find out

The Central Bank Debit Values ​​(SVR) system was very successful after its launch, but has been suspended since April last year. The platform allows consultation and recovery “forgotten” money in financial institutions.

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According to the self-system, about R$4.6 billion still has to be returned to their owners, R$3.6 billion for more than 32 million individuals and R$1 billion for more than two million companies.

There’s still no official return date for the system, but BC has already reported that some new features will be implemented. One of them is the possibility for heirs and legal representatives to withdraw money from deceased loved ones.

Central bank notice

The main concern at the moment is Scams and scams Include the SVR name. Recently, scammers impersonate bank representatives to obtain personal data from victims and withdraw their funds when the platform restarts.

Scammers usually use tools such as WhatsApp or SMS, especially sending links that steal passwords and can install viruses and spyware on an individual’s cell phone. To avoid these scams, the Central Bank has issued some tips, see:

  • BC does not send links or contact customers to confirm personal data;
  • No employee has the right to contact clients on behalf of the Central Bank or the SVR;
  • Never click on suspicious links sent via email, SMS, WhatsApp or any other tool;
  • Access to the values ​​is completely free;
  • The forgotten money advice site is https://valoresareceber.bcb.gov.br and there is no other choice.

What do you expect from the next one

Plus the chance of redemption money from the deceasedThe other novelty in the second phase of the system is the inclusion of new funding sources. See what they are:

  • Closed and postpaid payment accounts with available balance;
  • Recording accounts maintained by stock brokerage firms and stock distribution firms to record closed customer operations with an available balance; And
  • Other situations that give rise to amounts being returned by institutions.

BC only says it is working on improvements and will notify the public once consultations reopen.