May 31, 2023
"If you need a break, we're there"

“If you need a break, we’re there”

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An American magazine reported that Michael B Jordan and Laurie Harvey are no longer together

According to People Magazine, Michael B.  Jordan is single
© Instagram @michaelbjordanAccording to People Magazine, Michael B. Jordan is single

The world didn’t know how to deal with the actor Michael B He announced that he was dating the model, Laurie Harvey. People have been shocked that the fantasies of their movie stars have rarely diminished. But something tells me Hollywood fans can dream about boy muscles again.

This is because on Saturday (4), People Magazine announce it Laurie And the Mikhail He ended the engagement. According to the information, sources close to Husband I learned that the two were devastated by the end of the relationship, because they still love each other.

“Michael and Lowry are completely nervous. Heart broken. They still love each other. Michael has matured a lot over the course of their relationship and was ready to make a long-term commitment. He left his guard with her, and opened up emotionally in Link Romance for the first time. They had a great time together and brought out the best in each other.”

However, the sadness of some is the happiness of others and it is clear that the Internet reacted to the end with great joy. for the term means that Michael B He’s back in the game. “Boys and girls are hiding your girlfriend. “Michael B. Jordan is single,” one Twitter account said. “Michael B. Jordan If you need a rest we are there,” another user said.