January 29, 2023

If you solve the challenge, you can consider yourself an expert in perception

Do you like imaging challenges and tests that involve analyzing a person’s ability to perceive? Then you will love the challenge suggested in this picture. Just find the frog hiding among the leaves of the tree.

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However, to make the mission more provocative, know that you will only have 15 seconds to complete your goal. The challenge has already conquered most social networks, especially in profiles that specialize in publishing this type of content.

Find the frog hidden in the leaves in just 15 seconds

First, know that if you can find an amphibian in less than 15 seconds, your skills are well above average. In fact, it is rarely the people who manage to complete the task within the suggested time.

The green leaves managed to hide the little frog well in the challenge. Of course, if the puzzle was simple to solve, its popularity wouldn’t be justified at all, would it? So try to find the hidden item within 15 seconds and test your cognition skills.

Challenge answer: Where is the frog in the middle of the leaves?

If you can’t tell where the frog is hiding among the leaves, don’t feel bad, because few people have this ability. In fact, it takes a lot of practice in other types of challenges like this to develop your brain’s cognitive ability better.

To find the little frog you have to look at the answer picture, but it was hidden the whole time in the lower right corner of the picture. Next to the yellow paper place.

Now that you know where the little criminal is, how about sharing this challenge with others? Pass the photo to your colleagues, friends and relatives. See which of them might be able to find the frog hiding in the leaves. Don’t forget to warn about the 15 second timeout.