May 31, 2023
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“If you want to donate, give it”

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Pedro Ortega did not agree with Vitau’s lines about anal pleasure

Pedro Ortega did not agree to Vitao's lines
© Reproduction / Instagram @ ortegatips vitaoPedro Ortega did not agree to Vitao’s lines

Vitau It has opened in recent months and the singer has become increasingly open about his gender and sexuality. Earlier this year, the voice of “Café” announced that she considers herself non-binary and that she doesn’t like labeling herself. This week, the artist went even further and even lectured about anal pleasure magazine from.

“We talk quite a bit and it’s still a big taboo. We’ve always understood that if someone went near C#, they would actually be called something. I’ve been discovering my body more and more, having fun in countless ways.”

However, the lines were not intact in some people’s ears. That’s because this Tuesday (12), the previous On vacation with exAnd the Pedro Ortegadid not agree with Vitau’s statements, but rather offended the participant in “famous danceOn social networks. For Pedro, Vitão influences women to encourage their partners to release the anus.

“Dude, I’ll give you a message. Vitau: It is as follows: If you want to give repentance, do it, my friend, no one sue, no. Now, you don’t want my wife to influence me to give repentance. It would take “c*”, Ortega said in a video. It is worth noting that so far, Vitão has not commented on the crimes.