May 30, 2023
Ifix concludes the first June session on a positive note;  The FII RCRB11 Index is up 2.8%

Ifix concludes the first June session on a positive note; The FII RCRB11 Index is up 2.8%

a IFIX – The index that collects the most traded real estate funds on the stock exchange – closed Wednesday’s session (1), with an increase of 0.09%, at 2823 points. Rio Bravo Corporate Income Fund (RCRB11) topped the list of the day’s biggest gainers, up 2.8%. Check out the rest of today’s highlights around FIIs . Center.

In a campaign to celebrate two years in business, the Guardian Gestora began this Wednesday (1) donating 30,000 shares of the FII Guardian Multiestrategia Imobiliária I (game 11).

Direct Investors of Home Funds – Guardian Logística (galg11) and Guardian Multistrategy – You will receive two shares of GAME11. Indirect investors, represented by FII shareholders who invest in company funds, will receive a share of this investor as a gift.

The campaign is valid until June 15th or until the last 30,000 quotas for donations. The papers given from the fund’s first issue, held at the end of last year, are owned by the Guardian itself, and are not a new offering.

“We are very pleased with the fund and the portfolio’s performance so far,” explains Gustavo Asdorian, Guardian’s co-founder. “The campaign is a way to restore the confidence of our investors and present the result of our management philosophy to investors in this market,” he affirms.

The fund’s portfolio currently consists of 20 Certificate of Real Estate Receivables (CRIs) and shares in FII Unidades Autónomas (IDFI11). In the past three months, the annual dividend yield has exceeded 16%.

In March, Guardian Multiestrategia shares were split — ten to one — after adjusting from 100 Brazilian reals to 10 dollars, in an initiative to facilitate access to the fund, the manager notes.

To receive a stake donation, stake holders must register and validate the data on the Guardian Multiestratégia website ( Registrations will be confirmed in the email registered by the customer. Stakes will be donated after the campaign registration period ends.

With over R$1.4 billion in mutual funds and more than 10,000 investors, Guardian was founded in 2020. In recent months, the manager has built more than R$1 billion into CRIs.

Wednesday’s Biggest Hike (1)

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
RCRB11 Rio Bravo Inc corporate panels 2.81
RBRP11 RBR . properties Aharon 2.58
XPG11 XP record logistics 1.49
RVBI11 VBI Reits Nicknames and Val. Home furniture 1.43
MCCI11 Mawa Capital Nicknames and Val. Home furniture 1.43

The biggest victims of this Wednesday (1):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
FCFL11 Campos Faria Lima Aharon -4.39
RBRR11 RBR High Quality Yield Nicknames and Val. Home furniture -1.85
KFOF11 Kenya Qq Nicknames and Val. Home furniture -1.81
XPML11 XP Malls shopping centers -1.78
LVBI11 VBI Logistics logistics -1.43

Source: B3

Mogno Hotéis cancels release, Maxinvest hotel continues without dividend and more

Mahogany hotels (MGHT11) Cancels the offer that was intended to raise 10 million Brazilian riyals

In a material fact published on Tuesday (31), Mogno Hotéis announced the cancellation of the fourth version of the fund’s quota system, which was launched on May 9.

In the document, the management of the real estate fund did not detail the reason for canceling the offer, which was aimed at raising 10 million Brazilian reals.

According to the market notification, the fund promises to compensate shareholders who previously exercised the right of pre-emption in the issuance.

The unit value of the new shares was set at R$80, higher than the share price at the time the offer was announced. At the time, the shares were trading at around R$79.

With a net worth of R$127 million, Mogno Hotéis is a hybrid fund that invests in real estate and fixed income securities related to the real estate sector. In the portfolio, we highlight the hotels Selena Villa Maddalena, Hilton Canopy in Sao Paulo (SP) and Selena Buzios in Rio de Janeiro.

progressive BB FIIs (BBFI11Band Hotel Maxinvest (HTMX11Start a new month with old problems

Real estate fund Hotel Maxinvest announced this Tuesday (31) that it will continue without a dividend for shareholders in June. The last payment was made in March 2020.

The decision was based on the difficulties and uncertainties that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused in the hotel sector. The fund did not receive cash income.

In its May management report, the fund highlighted that it was still accumulating a loss equivalent to R$2.46 per share, adding results between March 2020 and April 2022.

FII Hotel Maxinvest’s portfolio currently includes 455 hotel units spread across different areas of São Paulo (SP). As of March 2022, the occupancy rate was at 63%. The fund currently has 22,724 shareholders.

BB Progressivo reported that it did not receive rent payments due on Banco do Brasil in May. This is not the first time that FII has reported a delay in receiving a supplier. In recent months, the fund has already reported similar problems.

The financial institution occupies the ownership of Centro Administrativo (CARJ) in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and the delay in rent payment will reduce the fund’s next dividend by about R$5.19 per share.

His net worth is 371 million Brazilian riyals, and the fund currently has 9,023 shareholders. In addition to CARJ, BB Progressivo has another property in its portfolio, SEDE I, in Brasilia. Last month, the portfolio vacancy rate was nearly 40%.

Giro Imobiliário: Top 5 Highs and Lows of FII in May; CARE11 rises further and RBRP11 leads lower

With a yield of just over 22% in May, the real estate fund Brazilian Cemetery FII (11 . care) achieved the highest gain per month among the products it comprises ifix – The index of real estate funds most traded on the stock exchange, according to data collected on Tuesday (31) by Infomoney.

It is noteworthy that the fund’s advance was significantly higher than the 0.26% provided by Ifix in May, which marked the third consecutive month of rise. Figures are from the TC / Economatica platform.

On the other hand, the most notable negative event of the month was due to corporate slab fund Rbr Properties (RBRP11) which suffered a loss of 8.30%. In the past 12 months, profitability has been negative at approximately 24%.

Among the 106 FIIs listed in ifix, less than half – a total of 51 – finished May in the positive field. Corporate board-type funds led the gains in the month, with an average increase of 3.08% versus 0.75% last month.

Unlike in April when hybrid funds — which invest in both physical property and financial assets tied to the real estate sector — were the top among sectors, now average returns have ended up with a lower increase: 1.63%.

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