October 2, 2022
Igor Gomez was sent off, Gandri failed, Sao Paulo lost to Atlético-Go, and got stuck in the South American semi-finals.

Igor Gomez was sent off, Gandri failed, Sao Paulo lost to Atlético-Go, and got stuck in the South American semi-finals.

Rogerio Ceni’s side suffered a tough away defeat and will need a good result in Morumbi to reach the final.

a Atlético jo Eliminated in the semi-finals of Cuba Sudamericana against Sao Paulo. This Thursday, at Serra Dourada, Dragão won by a difference 3 to 1 With goals Jorginho, Shaylon and Leo Pereira. Luciano scored the goal for the visitors who still have Igor Gomez was sent off in the first half.

The Dragon advanced in the 11th minute of the match. Jorginho opened the scoring after a beautiful exchange of passes.

Sao Paulo’s reaction came in the 23rd minute, with Luciano heading in after a good cross from Rodrigo Nestor.

The moment Sao Paulo was ahead in the match, Igor Gomez made a difficult foul, received a second yellow card and was sent off, leaving the team with 10 on the field.

In the 11th minute of the second half, Atlético-GO confirmed the numerical superiority on the field and Shaylon brought the team back to the front after a failure from Jandrei, who passed through the void when trying to cut a low cross.

The tricolor drama worsened at 33 of the second half. Leo Pereira left Diego Costa behind and put the ball past Jandri to score the third goal for the Dragon.

Tournament Mode

With this result, Sao Paulo will need to beat Morumbi, next Thursday, by two goals, to transfer the dispute to a penalty shootout.

On the other hand, Atlético-GO could lose by a goal difference to Morumbi, who still qualified for the final of the competition.

Upcoming matches

Sao Paulo will play again on Sunday, 7pm (Brasilia), in the Brazilian Championship, against Cuiaba at the Arena Pantanal.

Atlético-GO also plays on Sunday at 6 p.m., at home, against Atlético-MG.

data sheet
Atletico Go 3 x 1 Sao Paulo

Objectives: Jorginho on the 10th of the first quarter, Shaylon, on the 11th of the second quarter, Léo Pereira, on the 32nd of the second quarter (Atlético-GO); Luciano, on the 23rd of the first quarter (São Paulo)

Sao Paulo: Jandry. Diego Costa, Nahuel Ferrari (Patrick) and Leo; Igor Vinicius, Pablo Maya (Gabriel Neves), Igor Gomez, Rodrigo Nestor (Alison) and Rinaldo (Wellington); Luciano (Marcus Gilherme) and Calleri. Technical: Rogerio Ceni.

Athletics: Renan. Dudu (Heiner), Anderson, Klaus & Jefferson (Arthur); Marlon Freitas, Paralas (Shaillon), Jorginho and Edson Fernando; Wellington Rato (Leo Pereira) and Chorin. Technical: Eduardo Baptista