February 27, 2024
"I'll have to have tea" · TV news

“I’ll have to have tea” · TV news

Erasmo Viana is outraged when he learns that MC Gui has inflicted a new penalty on farm 13. Funkeiro forgot to take his bucket to the kiosk on Monday night (20). Therefore, the participants It will be 24 hours without coffee in the reality show. “I’m going to have to have tea,” the model complained on Tuesday morning (21).

The fitness influencer was upset after he ditched the only coffee available in the house, brewed before production was announced. “I threw it away because I wanted to make fresh coffee,” Erasmo explained, singing MC Gui, who apologized for not warning him of the punishment earlier.

“I didn’t know, if I knew I had at least breakfast yesterday,” the model said in an angry tone. “Imagine I slept with that in my head,” replied the MC, who still regrets having made the whole house punish. “I’m really sorry brother, I’m going to wait until everyone wakes up to apologize,” said the artist.

In a joking tone, Erasmus laughed at Funkeiro and said that everyone would be very angry about what happened. “There is nothing to be done,” replied the blonde. “I turn around and drink tea, I just need to know what these teas are, so I don’t drink passion tea and feel sleepy,” said the fitness model, as MC Gui left the kitchen.

Check out the full moment in the video below.

The new punishment occurred at dawn on Tuesday (21), after MC Gui forgot his bucket in the bay inside the headquarters. After pedestrians searched for hours, the beep was triggered by the program’s production, at which time Funkeiro realized he had lost the thing.

“But the bucket is gone, what am I going to do?” , the MC complained in a conversation with Liziane Gutierrez, Tiago and Dayane. A few minutes after the alarm went off, Gui Araujo informed his fellow prisoner that the bucket had been found near the palace bathroom. Because of the forgetfulness episode in funkeiro, pedestrians will have to go 24 hours without coffee.

Diane, one of the singer’s enemies on the reality show, took the opportunity to mock the fact that her rival had criticized her on other occasions and sentenced her for the same mistake a few days earlier.

“I believe that everyone who falls in the rain will get wet. It was not the first and it will not be the last [punição]. The people who were judging me for it, the world spins. Go get your bucket, that’s why I’m telling you, we can’t be here to judge,” the needle model.

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