October 3, 2023
"I'm gonna" · TV news

“I’m gonna” · TV news

after departure David / Raphael (Rafael Vetti) at the altar, Isadora Larissa Manuela is finally getting married in behind the illusion. But the groom will be Joachim (Danilo Mesquita). You are The character’s bad plans to make the young woman weak will succeed, And she’ll be sure that’s the only way to improve her reputation on Globo at 6 AM. However, she will have a bad feeling at the altar, only she will be able to say yes to the priest, who will conclude the celebration.

Heloisa (Paloma Duarte) and Davy will try to dissuade Dorine from the idea, but it will be in vain. “Aunt, I’ve decided I’m going to marry Joachim. And I want it to happen soon, I can’t waste any more time, this studio needs work, and I will get it right‘ says Isadora.

The sorcerer will search for the ex-fiancé in her house and beg her not to marry Joachim. “I am a 19-year-old girl who was humiliated and called a pole by the townspeople. Only because she gave herself up for love! You don’t know what I suffer because you are a man, Rafael. I did not lie down alone, I lay with you. And they only talk about me. because I Women. This is very unfair. Let me try to get out of this mess that has robbed the peace of my life. Let me forget you and try to be happy,” asks the redhead, crying.

At the time of the wedding, David will go to the church door to try to postpone the wedding again. He will put himself in front of the young woman. Matthias (Antonio Calloni) will try to attack Jabiru, but Isadora will take the initiative. “You are selfish, Raphael. She married Iolanda (Duda Brack), and formed a family. If you really love me, let me try to be happy,” pleads the tailor, already dressed as a bride, ready to enter the church.

On the way to the altar, Isadora will begin to feel ill. You will see David instead of Joachim. The groom will notice and ask if she is ok. Ursula (Barbara Paz) will say that this is an emotion, and Violet Malu Galli will worry. “It must have been a drop in stress. But I’m fine now,” Doreenha will lie.

The moment the priest asks her if she accepts Joachim as her husband, Isadora will look at Joaquim, his image will fade, and she will begin to remember the most romantic moments she had with Davi. The groom will be sad. “Isadora! You need to answer,” she will press the villain firmly. You will come out of a trance: “Yes, I accept.”

He will comfort Joachim and kiss Isadora: “Ah, my love!”. Overwhelmed by the groom’s enthusiasm, the priest continues, “But this is not the time for a kiss yet, my children! They haven’t even changed the rings! What God has brought together, man does not separate!”

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