June 28, 2022
"I'm not afraid" · TV news

“I’m not afraid” · TV news

After falling on the wall this week from BBB 22 by signal Bruna Gonçalveswhat or what The Big Phone answered Friday night (18), Gustavo Marcingo spoke to other brothers about his situation. He has already selected three participants he would prefer to face in the race to elect the public. He said, “I’m not afraid.”

During ‘Happy Hour’ on Saturday morning (19), the two brothers stayed outside talking. in chat with Douglas Silva And the Lucas Bisolitold Coritibano of his goals for the wall.

“Tomorrow I will make an exchange with you. Since I became [no paredão]I will try to attract someone I want to the choices you guys are working with,” he said.

“I want to go with people from opposite games to my games, you know? thiago [Abravanel]He’s someone I like here, but I wanted to go to the wall with him. for Jesse [Jessilane Alves] He is someone I love very much, but I would like to go to the wall with her,” he revealed.

“Bruna [Gonçalves], I’d like to go with her. I’m not afraid of her wife [Ludmilla], number. And I wish to go with her because of the playing situation and I have nothing against her and her wife… I see that people are afraid.” Gustavo.

Douglas thought he was not afraid, but that these people would be his last options. During the night, Gustavo also comments that he wants to catch an angel to protect Laís Caldas, because he thinks she’s also in the sights of the house.

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