September 28, 2023
"I'm offended" · TV news

“I’m offended” · TV news

Arthur Agyar He had a little argument with Natalia Deodato In the early hours of Tuesday (22) in BBB 22. During his climax moment, the model mentioned that it’s easier for an actor to be boxed in and take on the role of a player, because he’s already known to be famous. “I’m upset,” he complained after the unpleasant conversation ended.

Friction began outside, and Natty suggested that Arthur think more about the human side and leave game strategies in the background. “For you, being a player is easier. I dropped a lot there [fora] He is here to play. us no. I’m not. I can’t be here and just be a game, I have to be a bit human,” the nail designer complained.

“If you were here more humane, you missed it yesterday. You attacked the people who were trying to defend you. The people who defended you attacked you,” Arthur replied, pointing to Paulo Andre Camilo’s nomination for the hot seat of the week.

In another passage, Natalia suggested that Arthur acted strategically by handing the angel’s necklace to free her from a potential wall. “You didn’t have to give me the angel. It looks like you’re trying to charge me for something you gave me,” the model charged.

About the choice of nail stylist for grafting, the actress explained: “It would be very convenient to vote for her and go with everyone, and there was a moment when I almost made that mistake. I didn’t put myself in her shoes.”

Minutes later, Arthur shouted to Douglas Silva and Paulo Andre about Natalya’s comment. The artist recalls: “I just got angry when Natty said: “Oh, it’s easier for you to get in here.” “Enter here?”, asked DJ. Aguiar replied: “She said: It’s easier for you.” And the PA agreed, saying, “Yeah, that was really badass.”

“No, she said: ‘It’s easier for you to come here and just be a player.'” I said: ‘What’s easier, brother?’ It’s not easier, brother. For me, being here is hard,” Arthur continued. “What is the point?” asked the DJ.

“The meaning I meant is that, for her, it’s more difficult because she needs to be human, and she can’t just be a player, do you understand? She said, ‘Oh, you already have a career.’ Look at one stop with the other,” he explained Myra Cardi’s husband.

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