December 6, 2023

“I’m out” TV news

Kiara (Jade Picon) will show complete detachment towards Ari (Chay Suede) in Transit. After she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her with Prisa (Lucy Alves), She will be angryWill takes all his things from his house and leaves Dina (Renata Topelm) shocked by his detached attitude.

in Scenes scheduled to air this second season (16). From the TV series At Nine O’Clock on Globo, Dina will be worried, because Ari and Nubia (Dreka Moraes) keep calling her home. war (Humberto Martins), he wants to know what happened to Chiara, what happened.

However, the young lady will be full. You’ll say to the housekeeper “Do you see me pulling my hair? Biting my nails? Smearing my makeup? So it must be because I’m doing what I want to do, right?”.

“I guess I should have at least talked to him,” Dina wonders. “To hear blah blah blah? I’m out… One thing I know for sure: I don’t give anyone the pleasure of giving me a foot! I’ll do it first!”

Kiara He will leave home without explanation, after which he will make it clear to his father that he does not want Ari in his life anymore. “do you want to work with him ,
Work, but if you have to talk to him, talk right here in the office. I don’t want to be at home anymore. If he gets in there, I’ll get out! That’s it “.

transit is a Novel written by Gloria Perez. The plot has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho and is set in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão. Projections indicate that the series will be on the air until April.

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