December 2, 2023

“I’m really bad” TV News

Sarah Allen stayed for a few minutes at leader Bruna Grivao’s party at BBB23. The psychiatrist began feeling chest pains in the early hours of Thursday (23rd) and called for help. “I’m really bad,” I breathed during a conversation with the reality production.

Still out of the house, the sister warns Riccardo Camargo about the discomfort she is feeling. “Do you want to measure your blood pressure?” asked the biological doctor. Sarah replied in the affirmative, and the two walked off the scene.

In confession, the psychiatrist sought some kind of help from the program team. “Hey guys, I think it’s really anxious, but I’m really bad. I have a lot of pain in my chest, and I wanted to know if I could gauge my pressure or something,” he asked. “Okay, let’s check it out,” he replied in a mysterious voice.

On the dance floor, Cesar Black asked about the absence of colleagues. The nurse asked, “What’s going on there? Everyone goes and doesn’t come back.” “Sarina is not feeling well,” said Gabriel Santana.

After a few minutes, Sarah finally returns to the party, accompanied by Marvella.

Update: Sarah feels a sharp pain in her chest and thinks it’s an anxiety attack. production will be achieved.

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– Sarah Ellen 💅🏿 (@saa_aline) March 23, 2023

Shaken with the bottom line

Sarah Allen started feeling ill on Wednesday night (22). The sister had a crying fit after discovering that the previous participants were locked in a room with the possibility of returning to the game.

After the failure, the production released pictures of Casa do Reencontro on the screen located in Globo’s reality show room. She was helped by the other participants. “I’m trying to process it, guys. I was so nervous watching this,” she admitted.