December 1, 2023
"I'm the culprit and I've removed it," Bonner jokes about ConnectSUS - Nacional

“I’m the culprit and I’ve removed it,” Bonner jokes about ConnectSUS – Nacional

William Bonner
William Boehner joked and pleaded guilty to the ‘new’ breakdown of ConnectSUS (Photo: Rede Globo/Reproduo)

The ConnectSUS app, which is responsible for issuing the national vaccination certificate and all communications between citizens and SUS, has been down for about 13 days. This has happened since a hacker attack on the Ministry of Health pages in early December. On Thursday (23/12), William Boehner came to celebrate the return of the app on national television, but soon the service ran into problems again.

anchor Journal Nacional, fromRede Globo”, when announcing that the app had already been offline for 13 days, said it had received new information, that ConnectSUS was already working again. Bonner celebrated and recommended viewers try to access their accounts at home.

“Now good news for you guys. ConnectSUS is back. It’s back now. I just got the info, went to test it on my cell phone and it came back. So, you can try that on your cell phone to see if it works.”

However, a few minutes later, William Bonner came back to comment on the matter. But this time to say that the app is not working properly on your phone. He even took a while to play and “declared” himself guilty of the new app’s crash.

“Now I just told you ConnectSUS is back, but guys, the ball is spinning, but there’s no way I can see my immunization history. First, I noticed I had my first and second doses, but I didn’t have a booster and that really caught my attention. And when I went to click to see the documents, it started spinning. And they actually started to warn me here: “My mine didn’t work,” “My mine didn’t come in.” I’m sorry, it came back, but it didn’t come back much. Or it came back and I’m the culprit and I dropped it when I told you to try it And the system couldn’t stand it.”

The presenter re-commented on the episode a few minutes later, when he said that he had been advised on social networks to update the app, as a new version of ConnectSUS was made available to the public with problems corrected. However, when viewing the screen on national TV, the app remained closed.

“I will update you about ConnectSUS. I got a tip a little while ago on one of the social networks saying: ‘Bonner, go update your phone, because they released a ConnectSUS update.’ I went there, updated, but look, it stayed that way. It’s locked. He said Bonner, let’s see.

According to the Department of Health, ConnectSUS was re-established on Thursday (12/23) however, access to a national vaccination certificate could lead to instability in the early hours.