Immigration: Quebec contact and inform the 18 000 applicants out

Immigration: Québec contactera et informera les 18 000 requérants évincés

No turning back : the government Legault maintains its intent to cancel the 18 000 immigration files waiting for processing, but it undertakes to contact the candidates refused to inform them of available programs and the new rules of the game.

Criticized from all sides since the filing last week of its draft bill 9, the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, sought to calm the game on Tuesday, especially to accommodate some of the foreign nationals already present in Quebec.

They will be able to see their folder placed in the “fast lane”, he argued during a scrum, if they fulfil the following three conditions : to be already in place in Quebec, speak French and have a job for at least a year.

If necessary, they can then enroll in the Program of the quebec experience (PEQ) and get their certificate of selection, inside a short period of time, which is 20 business days.

The other, even if they live in Quebec, will have to start from scratch and operate according to the new rules of the government, with a focus on the fit between their skills and the jobs available.

Not less than 18 000 cases were pending at the time of the arrival of the CAQ. The minister Jolin-Barrette has decided, with bill 9, to cancel all of these requests, under the pretext that the profile of the candidates did not meet the new rules that it wants to establish.

Québec will therefore have to repay the applicants whose records were rejected (an expenditure of $ 19 million), and those that are still interested will have to redo the whole process from the beginning, and this, even if thousands of them are already installed in Quebec, thanks to various employment programs in quebec or federal.

“Changes to the system and we ensure that the people who are welcomed are now welcomed according to the needs of the labour market”, reiterated the minister.

The 18 000 applicants evicted will receive a letter from the ministry of Immigration “in the coming hours”, said the minister, to inform them of the options available.

An application to the immigration can include more than one person. Of the total of the rejected cases, it is estimated the department 3700 folders are designed up to 5700 people, who have already the status of a temporary worker in Quebec.

Mr. Jolin-Barrette, which has to adopt its controversial bill, accusing the liberal opposition of conducting “a campaign of fear”.

“Stand back!”

On Tuesday, the spokesperson of Québec solidaire and the liberal opposition have joined their voices to denounce the government’s position and ask him to back away.

“Our message is clear : we are again asking the prime minister François Legault, Simon Jolin-Barrette, to shrink and treat all of the 18 000 records” under the old system of selection, has claimed in the media that the liberal mp Dominique Anglade, convinced that the government was evidence of “amateurism” and “improvisation” in this field.

The spokesman for solidarity in immigration, the member Andrès Fontecilla, went a step further, in holding that the government behaved in an “inhumane” and “cruel”, from 18 000 cases of application “to the shredder”.

According to him, the government Legault multiplies the obstacles and pitfalls, determined to “make the immigration process more complicated.”

He also claims that the 18 000 records are processed according to the old rules.

“If he has a minimum of humanity, the minister must admit that it is on the wrong road and get back on its position”, according to Mr. Fontecilla.

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