Immigration records cancelled: the liberals are urging Quebec back

Dossiers d’immigration annulés: les libéraux exhortent Québec de reculer

The Quebec liberal Party (QLP) urges the government caquiste to back down on its intention to waive to treat 18 000 backlog of people seeking to immigrate to Quebec.

“He has no need to make a clean sweep,” argued in an interview Sunday, the liberal mp for Saint-Henri?Sainte-Anne Dominique Anglade.

Some 50,000 people are affected by the decision of the government Legault, according to Ms. Anglade.

“There are people who are in Quebec, who pay taxes, who have made applications, which are now among us, who speak French, who are in different regions of Quebec who are affected by it,” she argued.

Ms. Anglade calls on the government to reallocate the $ 19 million expected to repay the claimants in the processing of these records.

This week, the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, has introduced bill 9, which provides a new mode of immigrant selection. They will have to commit to learn French and to respect the values of Quebec.

It is in the context of this announcement, the government revealed that the 18 000 records would be cancelled.

“We will invite them to make their application in Quebec, because we need that their profile matches the needs of work,” he explained in English.

“When someone works in a country, in a certain employment, and that it arrives here and that it cannot integrate into the employment, it is not respectful. And there are a lot of cases like that in Quebec.”

However, a few days earlier, according to “The Duty, the prime minister François Legault was committed to process the applications.

“It is of amateurism,” said Ms. Anglade. I remember that it was the government who said to want to take less (of immigrants) to take care of it. Well there, I think he does takes care of that person.”

The new immigration system, based on the statement of interest, had been introduced in 2018 by the former liberal government of Philippe Couillard.

According to the minister Jolin-Barrette, in annulling the 18,000 backlog, the government will be better able to use the new system.

The mp Dominique Anglade refutes this argument, however. According to her, there is nothing to prevent the government to deal with these requests under the old system, at the same time to use the new system based on the declaration of interests.

“Go through the 18 000 records, in parallel do we ensure a better integration with the new system, which is already in place. One does not preclude the other, they are very well able to do so,” she concluded.

The press secretary of the minister Jolin-Barrette, Marc-André Gosselin, has counter-attacked by asking the liberals why they were not able to address these issues in a reasonable period of time. “What was missing from humanity, it is the inaction of the liberal party. Failure liberal, we respond with hope for the success of all”, he commented by e-mail.

Comparing the offense of the QLP to a “campaign of fear”, Mr. Gosselin has also said that the bill “does nothing to alter” the current status of these persons in waiting, adding that the legislation “aims to facilitate the integration of linguistic and professional of the immigrants”.

“People are invited to renew their work permits as usual,” he wrote.

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