Implementation of the “Bachelor” program increased in Matt James ratings during the season

With persistent social media trends and chatter lighting up the spirit of pop culture,BSC“It remains a phenomenon, although ratings have dropped this season.

Although the 25th season of ABC’s Dating Show was as well Monday nights playOther networks are topping the flagship demo 18-49, fewer viewers are tuned in this season than ever before, with an overnight audience of less than 5 million over the past two weeks, although these numbers are definitely expected to increase. In delayed viewing.

“I actually think you’ll see a spike in ratings drastically more than you would have seen during previous seasons because people will start talking about it and word of mouth will start,” says the ABC CEO. Rob MillsPointing to that star James Matt He is a beginner in the “Bachelor” world. (The show’s leaders usually come from previous seasons, while James was hand-picked through acting, but he hasn’t appeared in any season associated with the franchise.)

“We’re kind of starting with a blank page, which I think is fine,” adds Mills, senior vice president of the network for alternative series, specials and late-night programming, who oversees the “Bachelor” franchise. “It’s definitely great to have connective tissue over several seasons, but after that I think it’s a good idea to start a new chapter.”

James is the first black Bachelor ever. In 2017, the franchise had its first black role when Rachel Lindsay became “The Bachelorette,” and since then, the show has vowed to continue with Offer diversificationWhether on camera or behind the scenes. In recent years, the teams of runners have become more inclusive, the most recent being “The Bachelorette”. Taishia AdamsBisexual black and Latino woman.

This season has garnered the largest variety of applicants during the casting process, Mills reveals, which he hopes will indicate that the franchise is successfully communicating the “Bachelor” message to everyone.

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“We’ve been very public about our shortcomings and how we really have to do better, and we’re definitely trying,” says Mills. “Starting with Rachel as the first variety leader, now hopefully, we’re really showing someone of color,” That’s a show for me, “where oh my God, I hate to say that even five years ago, it probably wasn’t that emotion.

When Lindsay was “The Bachelorette” three years ago, The Bachelor’s creator Mike Fleis said he was upset about declining ratings, indicating that the trend in viewing was linked to race. “I found it incredibly annoying in a Trumpian way,” Fleischer told me The New York Times In 2018. “How would you explain the fact that she is low on the ratings, when – black or white – she was incredible bachelor? He revealed something about our fans.”

James Season though Opened with the lowest ratings for the premiere in “The Bachelor” history, Mills believes there are many reasons at play when analyzing the numbers – basically, James being new to Bachelor of the Nation – and the CEO hopes viewers will continue to fall in love with James as the season progresses, which will be reflected in the numbers. In fact, this week’s episode saw a noticeable spike in demo, up from last week’s episode, having an 11.11% increase among adults 18-49 and 1.03% of total overnight viewers.

“I don’t know, but I think that’s a quick rejection, if I say so,” Mills said when asked whether race could be a factor in viewership.

“Obviously, we can look at everything and we can do studies, but I don’t think anyone would say, ‘I’m not watching’ The Bachelor ‘because the introduction is varied” – and if that’s anyone’s reason, Mills bluntly says: “We have a lot of Diversity, not just now with your potential clients, but with the cast holistically. Look, we are in some seasons and some other seasons. “

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Mills stresses that the commitment to diversity is unquestionable, regardless of how the rankings perform from season to season.

“We are expanding our audience, and that’s for the better,” he says. “The only thing I will say is where ‘The Bachelor’ dominates above all, I will argue on nearly all TV screens, in demos of younger people, certainly between 18 and 34 years old, and if you look at this generation, you will find a lot more enlightened. The youth stories that are relevant to be told.So, if we’re getting old because people don’t want to see more diversity, well, they’re losing out and they’re going to be out of the demo soon anyway, and it will definitely allow the franchise to have a much longer lifespan. “

For the nearly two-decade-old franchise with over 50 co-seasons of the flagship show, “The Bachelorette” and other sub-programs, the strength of “The Bachelor” is undeniable – especially when the numbers drop over TV broadcasts with a stream of no It ends with the new broadcast platforms, not to mention the political news cycle that has attracted viewers’ attention to channel news, more than ever.

“We take the ‘Bachelor’ franchise as a job 365 days a year and always want to have a great sense of pop culture, which is obviously. I would be very hard-pressed to find anyone who knows at least nothing about ‘The Bachelor’ and knows that it is Now turned on, “Mills says. “But when the numbers go down, we look at each individual reason, but I definitely think it’s more about the fact that people are starting to get to know Matt. It’s the first time in a long time that we have someone who has absolutely no connection to franchising, and when you have a Bachelor that comes During this season, everyone knows who this person is and what his story is and wants to watch him get his role, after seeing them break their hearts on TV. “

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James was originally introduced to “The Bachelor” program executives during their selection for Claire Crowley’s season. When production was pushed into its season with the pandemic, the entire franchise was delayed and planning for “The Bachelor” had to be expedited, so James was chosen as the next star of the show, Despite not appearing in the previous season of “The Bachelorette.”

By the season, Mills says, viewers only knew James’ surface – they didn’t know his background, like other former contestants who rose to lead roles.

“All they knew about Matt came is that he is an amazingly beautiful man with a wonderful career, philanthropy, and in search of love,” says Mills. “Now, through the dates, we learn a lot about him. You learn more about his background during the dates. You not only listen to the women, but also what Matt says, because the viewers don’t really know him.”

Mills pays tribute to James, who is believed to be one of their strongest singles of all time, as well as the team of contestants, whom the CEO describes as some of the most dynamic women on the show.

But when it comes to choosing the new “The Bachelorette” star, the new lead lady is likely a familiar face.

“I would say 99.9% for sure, that ‘The Bachelorette’ would be someone who would come from one of our previous seasons, ” Mills shares, adding,“ He might have died, but at least someone familiar to the bachelor nation. “

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