June 4, 2023

Important Notice to Brazilians with the CPF just released today (04/04)

important warning to Brazilians. in this subject Just left todayyou can verify that it is completely possible Consult the limitations on CPF, Online. Whether using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, citizens can check their status with credit protection agencies.

Moreover, there are some services that allow Check restrictions on CPF for free. However, it is important to note that these services may not be as accurate or comprehensive as the paid services.

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Learn how to reference CPF restrictions for free with Serasa Consumer

today Today, to consult CPF in SPC and Serasa for free, consumers can use a website called Serasa, which belongs to Serasa Experian. Without a doubt, it is a very intuitive website and consultations are made in a few minutes. In addition, in addition to taking counseling, consumers can also activate their positive record, negotiate debt, and start applying for a card or loan.

In order to consult the CPF, it is necessary to register on the platform. To make this possible, click on the button labeled “Enter”.

By doing this, a page will open where you must first type in the CPF. After that, the citizen must inform the full name, date of birth and e-mail, as well as create a password to enter on the page.

So, once the registration is done and logged in, the main screen of the user will actually show whether or not they have a negative name, with the company and the amount of debt. In addition, on this same screen it is possible to take a peek at the credit score.

Serasa consumer application

On the other hand, to make it easier, there is the Serasa Consumer app. By the way, you can find it in the official app stores: Playstore, in the case of Android system users and the App Store, in the case of iPhone and iPad users.

Later, when downloading and installing the application, the user will also need to register. In this registration, you have to provide some basic personal data and create a password. Thus, when you log in, the first screen will already show the credit score and the presence or absence of negative debts.


Online Debt Negotiation (SPC)

A priori, when one thinks of queries to CPF in the SPC database, people think of the SPC Brasil website. In fact, it is possible to consult a CPF in it. However, a small fee is charged for this process.

Therefore, it is necessary to use another SPC affiliate site: Negotiating Debt Online. On the home page, there is a button with the word “Access”.

It should be clicked and then the consumer will be redirected to the login page. If you do not have a registration on the respective site, you will need to click on the “Register with email” option.

When you do this, a registration window will appear, where you must inform the e-mail, CPF number, cell phone number and how you discovered the site. Then click on “Create my account”. You also need to create a login password. Once all this is done, you just need to login to the page and make the required queries.