Impressive, the Vics BB !

Impressionnants, les Vics BB !

According to coaches Yves Deschenes and Martin Caron, the Vics of class BB are progressing ” dazzling “. You will need to see the following things in the Tournament bantam de Granby, but one thing is certain, they have offered a performance that is truly impressive, Thursday afternoon, at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin.

In their first game of the tournament, the Vics have easily disposed of the Musketeers of Saint-Hyacinthe, who have never been in the game by a score of 6-2. The representatives of the Haute-Yamaska have skated and they played with passion. In short, they were beautiful to see.

“It is far, launched coach Deschenes. It’s not complicated, we wondered if we would be able to have a team in BB this season. To achieve our purposes, we had to take several players to the first-year bantam. But the young people are working hard and the improvement is constant. “

The Vics play for an average of a bit more than ,500 in the regular season. Their improvement is clearly visible in tournaments.

“At our first tournament, we haven’t made it past the preliminary round, stressed coach Caron. Then, we had made the quarterfinals at Three Rivers. Then, we reached the carré d’as à Rimouski. And this week, honestly, it has big goals! “

Author of a hat trick, William Collard, him, has not been shy to shout loud and clear what are the big goals of his team.

“We are here to win, to win it all!, he said. You have talent, but it was also the attitude. We are warriors. “

Eloy Duhamel, with two goals, has also done well in the camp of the Vics. Mathis Gagnon scored the other net winners. Aidan Quilliams has done well in front of his net.

“There are good players in the team, but the attitude really counts for a lot in our progress, took over Yves Deschenes. The young are disciplined, they are serious, they work hard on and off the ice. It is this attitude which may lead us far. “

The Vics will play their second match of the preliminary round Friday night in the face of opponents who were still unknown at the time of writing these lines.

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