In 2019, better manage your time

En 2019, gérez mieux votre temps

Are you dreaming to be more productive in 2019 ? Here is a strategy time management more efficient which will allow you to start the year off on the right foot.

In 1954, U.s. president Dwight D. Eisenhower claimed to be facing two types of problems in everyday life : those that are important and others which are urgent. In its opinion, urgent problems were not important, and those which were important… not urgent !

It is said that it is upon this principle that the 34th u.s. president maximisait his productivity at work. Decades later, we get a strategy time management more effective : the matrix of Eisenhower.

Focus on what is important

The matrix of Eisenhower helps you define your priorities to improve your effectiveness. It is presented in the quadrants in which are categorized tasks and activities, based, on the one hand, their importance for the achievement of your goals and, on the other hand, from their urgency.


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In the first quadrant, we find the priority tasks, the ones that are important and urgent. You will have no other choice that you focus on these tasks on-the-field, otherwise the consequences will be immediate on the results. The meeting with a dissatisfied client who threatens to leave your business or calling the school asking you to pick up your ill child are examples of priority activities.

The tasks are important, but not urgent, are placed in the second quadrant. These tasks will eventually jeopardize the achievement of your personal or professional goals if they are not completed. They may, however, be planned in time. The drafting of a report, an appointment to the dentist, or the time spent with family are among the important tasks, but not urgent.

Ignore the rest

In the other two quadrants are the tasks that are not important. Some of them will be considered as urgent because they require your attention. Notifications Facebook, the ringing of your phone, or a colleague knocking at the door of your office to ask you a question, are examples. Others will be neither important nor urgent and can be simply relayed to the dustbin, because all they do is slow down your productivity.

Unfortunately, tasks that are not important are often much more attractive than the other. Here are a few tips to maximize your productivity and make more effective the matrix of Eisenhower :

  • To the extent possible, plan your priorities, giving each task a little more time than necessary ;
  • Focus on one task at a time, and avoid being interrupted ;
  • Identify and eliminate distractions (colleagues, incoming calls, notifications, etc), but also the tasks that make you lose time or that can be delegated.

In 2019, bet on a better management of your time. In addition to becoming more productive, you’ll be less stressed, will reduce the risk of errors and make better decisions. In short, you’ll be more than happy !

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