March 26, 2023

In a conversation about voting, Sarah Allen disagrees with Marvella: “I’m always the one who has to give in” | inside the house

Sarah Allen and Gabriel Santana in Xepa’s kitchen talking about gambling. The actor warns his sister, saying that she is in danger of falling into Paredão. He says he thought it was just him and Marvella “on the line”, but he received information that Sarah Allen could end up in the hot seat as well.

The sister says Ricardo had already mentioned it to her before, and she was not surprised by the information given by Gabriel Santana. Then the brother comments, “It worried me, because I thought if I won the angel tomorrow, I’d give it to Marvella, then she wouldn’t be in danger and I’d go to Baridao,” he explains.

“I already knew what I had was on the line and I already knew it was going to be because of a rift between the people who had it. And I said two things: one, this will make it difficult for them to vote, and two, this could be a very big factor up front if we continue here in the game with The priority is between us, whether we stay together or not, ”the psychologist answers.

Which is why this week everyone needs to vote together. We don’t have a choice this week, because if there’s no 4,” the actor concludes. Sarah Allen reflects that the group’s vote will be for MC Gimme who, according to her, is one of the only people they don’t want to vote for.

In the sequence, Marvella joins the two to take part in the conversation. Gabriel Santana says he had three conversations during the party that opened his eyes. In a conversation he had with Fred, the actor said the journalist made it clear that he would like to protect Marvella and, according to Gabriel, would prioritize people from the opposing group before some members of the Fourth Desert.

Sarah Allen disagrees, saying, “No, he doesn’t prioritize me. So much so that he spent the whole party today convincing Alface [Ricardo] That he has to give priority to people in the room before anyone outside. He said it was mainly about me,” he said.

Then the sister remembers a past moment when she had to vote for someone she didn’t want. “What makes me sad is that I only did it because I wanted to vote with you for my mom [Aline Wirley] And I’m always the one who says I don’t want to vote for someone and I’m always the one who has to give up,” Sarah Allen points out.

The atmosphere between them begins to heat up, and the psychologist raises her voice. Turning to Marvella, she said, “You gave in to Amanda, how do you feel about Amanda? Anything. Give the boot. Until yesterday you voted for Sapato, today you’re best friends.” The two are strangers, Marvella says the sister is misinterpreting the situation.

In conversation about voting, Sarah Allen disagrees with Marvella: ‘I’m always the one who has to give in’ – Image: Globo

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