August 8, 2022
In a game with a new blackout in Castelão, Ceará defeats Avaí 1-0 and enters the G-10 of Serie A - Play

In a game with a new blackout in Castelão, Ceará defeats Avaí 1-0 and enters the G-10 of Serie A – Play

a car had won Hawaii 1-0 on Tuesday evening (19), in Castellanat the opening of the 18th round of Italian Serie A Brazilian Championship. Fina scored the winning goal for Fuzao in the 48th minute of the first half. As a result, Alfinegro jumped up the table, entering the group of ten in the Italian Serie A with 24 points.

The match was marked by another Blackout in floodlights in CastellaoWhich delayed the match for 47 minutes.

This was the grandfather’s second consecutive win in Serie A as a home team, bringing the elite’s unbeaten record to 7 games. In the next round, the nineteenth, last of the first round, Ceará on Sunday (24), faces Juventud, at 16:00, at the Alfredo Gaccone Stadium.

the game:

Ciara started the game without focus, missing simple and spaced passes into defences. Unlike Avaí, who entered the game very closely and was already in danger. At the first opportunity of the match, Eduardo hit hard and hit the crossbar by Joao Ricardo.

But after 5 minutes, Ciara organized more and started pushing. With 12 minutes, Nino Paraiba cross and Mendoza header away.

The match was well-balanced, but with Ceará more possession of the ball. However, Fofu’s passing errors were serious, in defence, with Richardson in the 18th minute, giving Faye another chance, with Poetker displaying low and Eduardo losing the finish in the small area.

Fuzao responded in the 23rd minute with a powerful shot from outside the area carried out by Ze Roberto and defended by goalkeeper Vladimir.

Ciara and Avai face each other at Castellao in Serie A

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Kid Junior

More present in attack and with possession of the ball, Ciara continued to miss the ball. Boetker intercepted Louise Ottavio’s wrong pass, and a cross, but before the ball reached Besoli, Richardson saved with a trolley.

In the last stage of the first half, the pace of the game slowed down, and the teams lost a lot of passes. Avai arrived again, in a free kick that Joao Ricardo defended well, in the 38th minute.

If the visiting team did not take any risk, a foul was committed in favor of Fuzao at 48 and did not let the opportunity pass, opening the score with Fina. After practicing with a free kick, Bruno Pacheco rolled for him, who shot with a powerful angler to make it 1-0 for Vovô, in the last move of the first half.

The second time

Ciara started the final stage with pressure and Veena finished in danger after 4 minutes, after a cross from Mendoza. On another occasion, in the 11th minute, Mendoza ran quickly, passed the defender, but facing the goal, he finished.

After creating two chances, Avae began putting pressure on Ciara, who became more offensive with changes to their coach, Eduardo Baroca.

The grandfather faced defensive difficulties, as the Santa Catarina team lost three good opportunities, two with Boetker to pay the outside kicks, and one with Vitinho who hit the post. After the fears, the grandfather responded, with the ball to Mendoza’s crossbar, in the 29th minute.

Ciara defended himself with great courage to score against Avai in Castellao

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In the final phase of the match, Avaí continued to improve, grabbing the ball and putting pressure on Vovô. Ciara, who couldn’t counterattack much anymore, also had a hard time marking up.

With the match coming to 53, Ceará defended with plenty of dedication – Messias finished the game with sacrifice – and still had a chance to expand, with Vina hitting the post.

And after the final whistle, the celebration of Alvengra was great, after all, the victory was difficult, but it was worth getting into the group of ten.

Ceará 1×0 Avai: What was the real time like

art paper | Ceará x Avai

  • Brazilian Championship – Italian Serie A
  • Location: Castellao Stadium, Fortaleza (CE)
  • Date/Time: July 19, 2022 at 9:30 PM
  • Referee: Caio Max Augusto Vieira, right midfielder
  • First Assistant: Jean-Marcio dos Santos – RN
  • Second assistant: Lorival Candido das Flores – RN
  • Video Referee: Diane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA) – SP
  • Pay 37,541 / Total Income: 322,708.00 BRL

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