October 3, 2023
In a letter Clara Castanho says that she was raped not only by the man who raped her, but also by the judgment of the people |  Nice

In a letter Clara Castanho says that she was raped not only by the man who raped her, but also by the judgment of the people | Nice

In the letter, Clara stated, “This is the hardest story of my life. I thought I was going to carry this pain and this weight with me alone.”

It all started with a reporter’s post Matthew Balde On May 24, saying that Clara had given birth to a child. At the request of the actress herself, this post was deleted, but the news spread. last Thursday (23), Presenter Antonia Fontenelle He also instigated comments against Clara online.

Without mentioning the actress’s name, she said in a live broadcast, in a very aggressive tone, that a 21-year-old actress was going to get pregnant and put up the baby for adoption. and after that , Clara first spoke about this topic, through an open letter on her social network.

“I was raped. Remembering that episode brings you a feeling of death because something died inside of me,” Clara declares.

Clara says she continued to menstruate normally and has not gained weight. When she told the doctor that she had been raped, she again felt abused and guilty.

Clara says in the letter: “This professional forced me to listen to the girl’s heart, and said that 50% of my DNA was mine and that I would have to love her…”.

Lawyer Faida Bello explain it Even if Clara was not raped, she could legally give up the child for adoption.

The lawyer explains: “Every woman, even if she is not a victim of rape, who does not want to have a child, has this right. The law gives her this right. Including the right to give birth in a secret way,” explains the lawyer.

Clara He also says in the letter that on the day the baby was born, a nurse approached him in the operating room and threatened her With the following words: Imagine if the columnist discovered this story.. And when Clara returned to her room, there were already letters from the columnist with all the information.

After releasing Clara’s letter, Columnist Léo dias, of the Metrópoles website, has published a text detailing the case. Lawyer Faida Bello says a lot Leo Dias and Antonia Fontnell can respond to the slander.

Sunday (26) Leo Dias posted an apology to the actress. He says he shouldn’t have written a single line about this story or made any comment about something he had no right to say. In a post, Lilian Tahan, managing editor of capital CitiesSays “The site unacceptably disclosed the statements of a woman victim of brutal violence and that the article was taken off the air“. In the networks, the revelation of this story caused outrage against Leo Dias and against Antonia Fontnell.

a Nice I searched Clara BrownBut she chose not to give an interview. Everything is very recent and very difficult, Clara said in a letter. All I can say is in the message.

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