April 2, 2023
In a meeting after a semi-final in the Brazilian Women's Championship, Corinthians and Palmeiras take part in the Derby in Paulista |  female paulista

In a meeting after a semi-final in the Brazilian Women’s Championship, Corinthians and Palmeiras take part in the Derby in Paulista | female paulista

Less than two weeks after the Brazilian women’s semi-final, the rivalry between them was Corinthians And the Palm trees Back to camp on Wednesday, when the two teams face each other from 19:00 in the sixth round of the Paulista Championship, at Estadio Francisco Ribeiro Nogueira, in Mogi das Cruzes.

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Palmeiras x Corinthians; Brazilian women’s semi-finals – Photo: Staff Images / CBF

This is a direct confrontation by the Group of Four countries. Ballestrinas is in fourth place with 10 points, while “Brabas” is slightly fourth with nine points.

Timao arrived with an advantage in the history of the showdown. Alfinegro has lost only one of 12 matches since the sport was revitalized in Palmeiras, in 2019. The 2-0 defeat occurred in the first stage of the Brazilian this year.

In the Brazilian semi-final, Corinthians won the two matches: 2-1 at the New Quémica Arena and 4-0 at Allianz Parque. As they play on Saturday for the national title, Brabbas can enter a substitute team in the derby, as Arthur Elias has done on other occasions.

The big decision is scheduled for Saturday 14th, in Neo Química, against Internacional. More than 33,000 tickets have already been sold.. With a 1-1 draw at Beira Rio, whoever wins in regular time will be the champion. In the case of the new equality, the definition goes to penalties.

Best moment: Palmeiras 0 x 4 Corinthians for the second match of the 2022 Brazil Women’s Championship semi-final

Palmeiras is trying to get around. He won the last commitment with São Jose by 4 to 1, but is still trying to get around the controversy that has marked the Brazilian’s elimination.

The defenders Agustina and the Thais, with their constant recall of the Argentine and Brazilian teams, respectively, were removed from the list associated with the decisive match with Corinthians at Allianz Parque.

Defenders Augustina and Thailand, Palmeiras – Photo: Fabio Menotti / Palmeiras

The information found by reporter Felipe Brisola, while on Sportf radio, was that Agustina could have been removed due to a disciplinary issue with the captain’s belt and that the Thais refused to play in the classic in solidarity with her teammate.

They gave their version of the facts last Friday, in posts on social networks.. Agustina claimed that he had not had any conversation about the captaincy, while the Thais denied their refusal to play and stated that he had already asked to leave the club even before the match.

In GE’s most recent contact with Palmeiras women’s team advice, the club reiterated the position that the case is being handed over to the legal department and that it will manifest itself again when there is any new fact.