December 6, 2023
In addition to leaving Jornal Nacional unscathed, Bolsonaro punches Globo without touching it - 08/23/2022

In addition to leaving Jornal Nacional unscathed, Bolsonaro punches Globo without touching it – 08/23/2022

Bolsonaro got in Interview with Journal Nacional make two. He emerged unscathed from the engagement with William Bonner and Renata Vasconcelos. And he dealt an unprecedented blow to boxing. Punches Grupo Globo without touching it. In rehearsed gestures, the captain waved his hands open to the cameras. In his left hand he was holding glue. It contained the names of three countries – Nicaragua, Argentina and Colombia – and one person: Dario Messer, “the teller of the cashiers.”

Bolsonaro did not need adhesive to remember the three countries he included in the “red wave” sweeping the continent. They are just explained to make the gum more attractive. Messer was the one the guest wanted to highlight, as if he was inviting the viewer to pass his name on The Google. Something arranged with the son Carlos Bolsonarodirector of the equipment that makes hating Bolsonaro.

stuffing in lava jato, Dario Messer made a plea bargain in 2020. He said he transferred dollars in cash to the Marineno family in the 1990s, and denied the owners of the Grupo Globo in a note conducting foreign exchange operations in the underground market. Quoting him, Bolsonaro would have triggered a backlash from official denial. The slander was shown surreptitiously, and social networks won without any response.

Aside from a hit below the waistline, Bolsonaro went through 40 minutes of the interview dodging punches Bonner and Renata with the usual quirks: Lies, half-truths and manipulation. He was called to pledge to accept the result of the ballot and said he would respect it if the elections were “clean”. That is, it will only tolerate its victory. denied wrongdoingSupreme Court officials, even After calling one of them a “scoundrel” and the other a “son of a bitch.”My fable about him so far The environment, outsourced blame to the economy, branded its adherents’ coup as “freedom of speech”, torturing vaccines and advocating for chloroquine.

Urging a review of absurd statements about the pandemic, Bolsonaro preferred to continue ignoring more than 680,000 autopsies rather than self-criticism. Renata punished with Imitation of a covid patient gasping for breathThe captain was about to lose his temper. The momentum has been curbed.

In general, Bolsonaro lied and veered with respect and sobriety. In other words, he looked on the Jornal Nacional bench as if he had completely lost his mind. He even brags that he went to the interview without training! I said nothing capable of seducing the throngs of poor electors or former Bolsonarists hesitant. He also didn’t steal Lola’s votes, which he didn’t steal throughout the interview. But it sure is Although pots, did not lose votes with the interview. Something that, for an unstable president, is a great achievement.