January 28, 2023
César Tralli no Altas Horas (Foto: Reprodução)

In Altas Horace, Serginho pits Cesare Tralee against a wall

Cesare Tralli talks about the routine at Globo by participating in Altas Horas

In the high hours This Saturday (17), Cesar Tralee He was one of Serginho Groisman’s special guests and commented on his journalistic routines at the Globo TV🇧🇷 As he is known, he runs Jornal Hoje on a daily basis and also works for GloboNews. To top it all off, he has been featured occasionally on the Journal Nacional.

For this reason, Sergio Groisman opens the presentation talking about exactly this: “Call Globo, César Tralli, go to GloboNews, César Tralli, go back to Globo, César Tralli”. At this, a Globo journalist joked about the situation: “That’s why you can’t come, right.”

Tralee reunites the Globo team at Jornal Hoje studios and makes an official announcement (Image: Reproduction)

Taking advantage of the topic, Serginho Groizmann then decided to ask how many hours he had been at the station. “There was already a situation at GlobNews itself, where it started at 2 in the afternoon and continued until 9 pm straight into the night, at 7 in the morning.” “Is it time for elections?” asked the announcer. The journalist replied, “Yes, the elections.”

As we know, until Journal Huggie took over, Cesar Tralee didn’t give up on taking charge of GloboNews newsletter, taking good steps to get where he is today.

Horror in everyone

on your Instagram account, Cesar Tralee He surprised everyone by releasing a photo with all of his show staff. Before reading the comment, many thought it was a farewell. However, it was just another “family” photo.

Cesare Tralli with the Globo team (Photo: reproduction, Instagram)
Tralee with the Globo team (photo: clone, Instagram)

He started referring to his teammates as his soccer team. “Timaço from Jornal Hoje… 🏆 Challenging… to fit everyone in the picture. 🎯 We play together. Suffer together. Vibrate together.”🇧🇷 Cesar Tralee🇧🇷

“And even when you win defeat, you know the score the next day is zero. Start over! This is one of our secrets: down to earth, humility and a united team.” 🇧🇷 he said at the end.

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