December 6, 2023
TV Globo

In an interview, Gill talks about the documentary ‘Kill in California’, which tells the story of America – its path to culture.

A chat Gilberto Noguera, Oh Kill to malice, Full of funny expressions. “Vigora!”, “Happiness”, “Servant of the Lord”, “She is evolving”, “Tachakki Tachaki”, except for faces and mouths, crowded, stop phrases and comments. Even the most serious. In entertainment, they are called catchphrases – and through them the viewer forms bonds with a character. In a way, Gill, though spontaneous, knows how to use them Big Brother Brazil 2021, In which he placed fourth.

Oh Condition Spoke with Gill via video to talk about the series Kill in California, Is introduced on Globophile Thursday 9, and part of his participation Big Brother Brazil21, Closed in May, to tell the path of the former PPP. From living a poor life in the suburbs of Recife to dreaming of participating in the program, he studied at the University of California, Davis. Until joining Davis, he was studying for a PhD in economics. It sounds like a fairy tale.

In five episodes, directed Patricia Carvalho e Patricia GupelloThe documentary series shows Gill’s tour of cities such as San Francisco, where he discovers his connection to the gay movement, and talks about the life he leads in Davis, where he lives and studies.

“California seems to be the perfect place to retell the story of a poor, black boy who changed his life and the lives of his family through his studies. She suppressed her homosexuality until then through Big Brother, “says Patricia Carvalho. Today, in Brazil, a story like this is more necessary than ever. It will (really!) Revive our hope in life, ”says Patricia Gupello.

In the interview, from Sவோo Paulo – who was able to finish a phase of the lesson remotely at the end of the year – he talks about fame, life in California and homosexuality.

How is your life in California?

Like everything else in life it had ups and downs. I was adapting to culture, food, language, slow communication, lack of warmth. The PhD itself is not difficult. These are lessons I saw in Brazil. So I am malignant. I sit on my butt in the chair and read. I was able to deal with the most difficult moments. I have been there for the last 21 days and it was happy.

You were previously seen on the BBB, and now the documentary crew is at your tail. How was this environment restored?

I act natural as always. If I see a handsome man on the street, I will say: How beautiful! Although I recorded something important. I’m like being on the BBB, but walking the streets. I was myself. I’m frank, I’m not forbidding them to show anything.

You registered in San Francisco. You said it was important to be in town, and there were many people out there who fought to be the killer hero without fear. How important was this to you?

It was so much better to tour the main places of the city. Look at the freedom that everyone has. It felt like my place. Flags LGBTQ + Loading like the colors of the rainbow, cross walks … The rainbow is a symbol of God’s relationship with man. Happiness signifies happiness. No one talks about this, but there is a biblical passage that says that the rainbow is a covenant made by God that there should be no more suffering and punishment with humans (in Genesis). It is God’s love, it is beautiful, free and open.

In this case, did you feel safer abroad than in Brazil?

Living in California gave me the feeling that I had nothing to fear. What can I be. Initially, I was afraid that someone would insult me, in the back. I kept thinking: No one will look at me differently, is that a homosexual joke? It doesn’t happen there. So I lowered my security. Now that I am in Brazil, my mother told me to be careful about who I communicate with. Told to hang out only with friends of friends. It reminded me of a friend who was dating and murdered through the Relationship App.

Have you ever been homosexual in Brazil?

Talking hurts me a lot, but I went several times. The victim is suffering greatly. Even on the BBB I was scared at first. As I was leaving, there was that audio (Nilutico’s adviser, Gill, a fan of a football club, attacked a dance known as “tchaki tchaki” when he went to the Ilha do Retro Stadium). It was scary.

After you left the BBB, you heard live that you were approved for a Ph.D. Then, after seeing all that was going on around your name abroad, did you have any doubts about whether to continue your studies or stay in Brazil to enjoy your fame?

Actually, (Diego) Leifert told me, but you are pretending it (gossip) live. I forced him to talk (laughs). But, no, I was not happy with the fame. I only questioned myself when I recorded a cameo on a cameo (comedy show). What glue go. Of all the things I did, this post gave me the same pleasure of reading Economy.

What has fame got to do with you?

She never fills my eyes. That is not the center of my life. I like to take a message to people, play, carpenter, make suck. From time to time, I like to look like a dog, right? I am a fool. I did not come to walk. I admit that my dream is to have a headline like “Kill can be found kissing a mysterious beauty”. In fact, between a flash and a movie with a passion, I like to be there, kissing on the mouth, quiet.