March 29, 2023

In BBB 23, Ricardo criticizes Larissa and complains about her sister’s “jokes”: “You won’t get into my mind” | inside the house

Riccardo criticizes Larissa and complains about her sister’s jokes: ‘It wouldn’t come to my mind’

“I wouldn’t be offended in a protected place because the group is bigger. I’m not going to vote for you now, because you’ve never done anything for me. You’ve done more for me than a lot of people out there. People say they protect me. Protect me. How? Vote by majority only, because it fits.” everyone “he begins.

Then, the biologist criticizes the physical education teacher about the jokes she used to tell about him in the most guarded house in Brazil. “Larry was kidding me, I hate it. This girl will not enter my mind, singing “We Gotta Vote Among Ourselves”. Today, she stayed the whole time there in the room saying that starting next week, she could actually vote between us, because she was carrying everything with me, you know? It’s all about wanting to vote for me. You can vote. Do not hesitate, but it will meet. I am not afraid“, Announce.

He continues and also takes the opportunity to criticize his brother: “I don’t know, I don’t want to lower my head to anyone. That’s what makes me feel bad. People keep calling me a traitor to my face, yelling, man and saying, ‘Brazil will judge you abroad’.” are you kidding? I never raised my voice to him, nor used any words of insult. absurdity. It’s ugly, man“.

After that, the brother promises that, from next week, he will no longer play in a group. In addition, he returns to talk about Larisa and says that he did not feel sincere after the apology that occurred after the fight between the two.

“From next time, I will Game. I have no relations with anyone other than Guimê. Whoever wants to be with me, and whoever doesn’t, it’s over.”

Next, the biological doctor tells us about the fight between him and Bruna Grippo. “The day I fought Bruna, I said Bruna was crying, she knocked on the table, and she got up and said, ‘If Bruna quits the show because of you, you’re going to deal with me.’ What was I supposed to do with the trash?”, he says.

The brother ends up saying that the physical education teacher tried to get him to give the immunity necklace to Fred. “The day I was an angel, she came to convince me to give it to Fred anyway. After I gave it to Tina, the other day, she called me on the couch to tell me she was mad at me.” […] You have to do what they want, but I never did,” he says.

Ricciardo talks about Larissa with Sarah Allen on BBB 23 – Photo: Globo

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